Dakuku Peterside Testifying LIVE At the Tribunal


The Petitioner himself is the man on the Witness

Dr.Dakuku Adol Peterside

PW54  taking oath in swearing

What’s your name?

PW54- Dakuku Adol Peterside

Where do you live?
PW54 – Old GRA

What do you do?
PW54- Management scientist and a business man

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You’re the first petitioner?
PW54- correct

If you see it will you recognise it ?
PW54- Yes
You swear a deponent on 3 may 2015?
PW54 – Yes

You adopt same?
PW54- Yes my Lord

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In ur witness statements u reported what national & international dailies/inec observers reported in paragraph 48,page 1261?

See the report of EOSU with receipts.
Yes Sir, they are certified through copies

Petitioner – We tender them as exhibits my lord

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Respondents going through the exhibits

1stR- May I reserve my comment my lord

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2ndR- They weren’t front loaded ,therefore I reserve my comment till my final address

3rdR- They weren’t front loaded ,therefore I reserve my comment till my final address

Judge marks it as exhibit A303


Paragraph 44, page1261
You talked about guidelines and conduct of elections?

Respondents going through the tendered documents

Respondents says no objections my lord

Judge marks it as Exhibit A308

Petitioner – Paragraph 106, page1319, you rely on form EC8E,D,C,B & tender the receipts of the said forms.
Already tenderd

Respondents are objecting to the admittance of the said receipts, because they are all written the name of Achi Wobodo

And not pleaded and admitted earlier on, as no reference was made directly or indirectly

Based on this we reserve our comment to be issued in our written address

Petitioner –  PW54  relied that  this is the evidence to payment, he  didn’t go there to pay himself

PW54 is under obligations to show prove of payment, he is not required to plead receipt of payments made

We urge your Lordship to discountenance there application

1stR- It can’t be assumed my lord, We ar saying de name on de receipts don’t have any nexis in respect 2 the petitioner here

Judge Marks it  as exhibit A 309

Petitioner- In paragraph 35,page 1258, you referred to the manual of INEC

Respondent don’t object to the manual

Judge marks it  as exhibit A 310

Paragraph 106,page 1390, You will rely on table of results and form EC8A, showing irregularities in results…

Respondent going through the documents

Petitioners- Did you do anything?
PW54- In respect to this I got a team and with my background in management sciences….

I came up with this reports and signed it after my application to INEC  and got this certified result sheets.
1stR- My lord the documents wasn’t listed,based on this I object vehemently to this documents, i urge you not to admit same

2ndR- I object and adopt the position of the 1stR. Secondly this document frm foundation is nt admissible under section 83,4

This documents are certainly not admissible

Petitioner – You will look at page 1282,paragraph 63 up to page 1340 you made observations on form EC8A for Gokana

Page 1287: Only one agent signed in Gokana from ward 1-13

Petitioner – Look at Bederi and Kedere an agent signed in 4 wards while nobody signed for 10 units

1stR – I will show you page 50 Paragraph 859

Do you confirm that as at the date you made all this analysis,you had not received from INEC the required materials needed?

PW54- We applied to the first respondent results sheets, and other materials used for,.the election after so many attempts but a few and till now we have not gotten some sensitive materials

We got a few not properly certified

Look at EC8A for Gokana Bodo 1, can you tell me the date you got this doc?
PW54- 14 August 2015

On the day of elections did you go to your ward ?
PW54- Yes, Ward 3, unit 6, Opobo/Nkoro

How long did you stay in Opobo on the day of election?
PW54- I left Opobo about  4-5pm

What time did you leave your polling unit?
PW54- I got to my unit about 1:30 pm to cast my vote

PW54- Immediately after casting my vote hoodlums came and carted away electoral materials

PW54- I left the polling unit about few mins to 4 pm

You weren’t in Abua/Odual or Ahoada- East&west?
PW54 – correct

Received info from your agents ?
PW54- correct

How many wards are in your lga?
PW54- 11

You had party agents in all the units?
PW54- Yes

You had party agents in all the units?
PW54- Yes

Are you a statistician?
PW54- I hold a doctorate in organisation behaviour

PW54- And Project Management

2ndR- Page 1257 read it out

PW54- And Project Management & statistics is part of project management

In view of the document of exhibit A9, you stand on it?
PW54- Yes I do

Elections took place in Eleme lga on 11 April 2015?
PW54-  Yes

Who won election in that LGA?

Who provide security?
PW54- The same security, but different personnel’s

It is not your case that the LGA you won was marred by violence or corrupt practice?
PW54- Yes

Collation for the gubernatorial took place in INEC  headquarters?
PW54- To the best of my knowledge

Political parties had there agents there?
PW54- To the best of my knowledge

You didn’t leave Opobo?
PW54-  no

You didn’t observe anything from another LGA?
PW54- No unless via my agents

You participated and lost the elections, you’re here to see what you can do?
PW54-  Not true

2ndR- I adopt the standings of the 1st respondent

It is correct APC is relatively new in RS?
PW54- APC is not new, the brand is new bcos it is a marriage of different parties

Was there a registered party called new party?
PW54-  PDP divided into two

From the time of democracy PDP has always won elections in RS?
PW54- As it then was

When did you leave PDP?
PW54 – I left PDP in 2012/2013 season

Is it correct in this years presidential elections in march, APC lost in RS?

PW54- There were never any Presidential elections in RS

In the national assembly elections APC lost all?
PW54- not correct

State house of assembly APC lost?
PW54- nor correct my Lord

It is therefore nt surprising that RS Guber in which you’re the candidate lost?
PW54- Nt true, there were no elections in RS

W54 – I am also aware that INEC  allocated figures in the Presidential & National/House of assembly elections

On the day of elections you and your wife voted?
PW54- In my presence hoodlums carted away materials

Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi and his wife voted in different LGA?

They isolated the governorship candidate of APC and the former governor of RS for the camera

n the elections day, you were not in any of the situation room?
PW54-  We have 4,  I was not in anyone

You were not in the state collation centre?
PW54- I never

You never visited any LGA collation centre?
PW54- I never did I had agents

You never visited any other ward outside your LGA?
PW54-  no

You didn’t go to any ward collation centre?
PW54- No

Apart from this results,exhibit A10,INEC didn’t have any other?
PW54- They are  allocated figures

Judge – Any cross examination
Petitioner – Nil

Court adjourns for 10 mins

Tribunal Reconvense


The 55th witness has stepped in,just give us 10 minutes


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