Rivers Tribunal: Achinike Godwin William-Wobodo on the Witness BOX


PW53 taking oath on swearing

Page 1593,volume 4

What’s your name?

PW53- Achinike Godwin William-Wobodo( Today coincidentally is his Birthday)Happy Birthday Oga,from PUO REPORTS

Where do you live?

What do you do?
PW53- I am a Legal practitioner

You deposed to your witness statement 3rd may 2015?
PW53- Yes

You recognise and adopt it?
PW53- Yes

Page 1597, U referred to an announcement made by inec to use card reader to conduct the gubernatorial elections?
PW53-  Yes

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If you see the announcement can you identify it?
PW53- Yes

Petitioner – We tender it as evidence my lord

Respondents going through it

Respondents has no objections on it

Judge marks it as exhibit A 301

Petitioner – Paragraph 18 of your witness statement You said as APC agent you saw the results.

… of the gubernatorial elections, only few of the parties results were entered?
PW53- I said so

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I will show you results in form EC8A

Page 1597, U referred to an announcement made by inec to use card reader to conduct the gubernatorial elections?
PW53-  Yes

If you see the announcement can you identify it?
PW53- Yes

Petitioner – We tender it as evidence my lord

Respondents going through it

Respondents has no objections on it

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Judge marks it as exhibit A 301

 of the gubernatorial elections, only few of the parties results were entered?
PW53- I said so
Petitioner – Paragraph 18 of your witness statement You said as APC agent you saw the results

I will show you results in form EC8A

Look at the exhibit for Obio/akpor for instance ward 2 ,unit 1, Ward 3,unit 1==18,
Ward 6,unit 1==18, Form EC8B…..

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Exhibit A 32 Paragraph 19 of your witness statement, None entrance of scores

In Ahoada east  Ward 1,unit13 only APGA, PDP and APC Had scores
Ahoada west Only APC &  PDP Had scores

Akuku Toru Had scores in only APC & PDP,
It applies to all the LGA

Paragraph 20  They entered scores for political parties that didn’t participate in the elections

On phalga APP was allocated votes and it was not the ballot same with CPP.

Exhibit A 25: UDP was allocated votes and was not on the votes

A26: PPN was allocated votes in Opobo/Nkoro and they were not on the ballot

You and another colleague agent wrote a letter complaining about the conduct of the election ,calling for cancellation?
PW53- Yes

You can identify it?
PW53- Yes

Respondents going through the evidence

We reserve our comments

Judge marks  as exhibit A 302

1stR- Did you go to your polling unit on the day of election?
PW53- I had a pass so I did

What time did you leave your polling unit?
PW53- 10am

How many polling units do we have in RS?
PW53- 4442

You appointed polling unit agents?
PW53- Yes, including voting points

Obviously you didn’t cover all?
PW53- Not possible

You weren’t involved in the ward collation centre and LGA collation centre?
PW53- I can’t be everywhere.

You have a list of adhoc staff used?
PW53- INEC  refused to give us the list

You know the number of voting points in RS?
PW53- We have 5 thousand plus

What do you understand by voting point?
PW53- Inec informed us that in other facilitate voting, they will break it and it is voting points

Polling units are not voting points?
PW53- They are compliment

Is it correct to say there was LGA collation in this LGA s ( Etche, Omuma, Ikwerre, Asari-Toru, Akuku-Toru, Okrika)?

PW53- That will be a big lie my lord and out of place

By your instruction to your party agents, they are suppose to sign and collect copies of results?
PW53- Yes

Copies signed and collected are handed over to your party?
PW53- None of our agents signed

What time did you arrive the collation centre?
PW53- By 8:30 pm and I slept there till monday

The collation were done intermittently?
PW53- We waited till 2:00 pm, before collation commenced

Was the collation done indoor or outdoor?
PW53- In the INEC  conference room PHC

You were present?
PW53- Yes from 2pm to 2am

I only went out when the collation had a formal break

I only saw the Vehicle of Dr.Tammy Danagogo  which drove in by 1am

Where all the political parties that participated in the election agent there?
PW53- They were there present

You do not know if all the political parties scored votes?
PW53- My lord 0 is a score

I am not aware that all the political parties didn’t score vote

Exclude APC ,PDP, APGA, give me the candidate of other parties?
PW53- Labour….Princewill Tonye
AA….something Jaja

Can I have any documents where the EO cancelled results of any LGA ?
PW53- Inec didn’t issue us any certificate of cancellation.

…. except for Emohua LGA

During the collation in inec headquarters, the REC in RS read out some wards & unit cancelled & rescheduled for the next day

You didn’t see anybody hijack materials?
PW53- I didn’t my lord, but was informed by my agents and I don’t have any reason to doubt them

Do you stand by exhibit A 9?
PW53- By the guidelines and letter of INEC I strongly believe dis is de accreditation 4 dat day

Look at exhibit A 9?
PW53- Part of the petition of the petitioner is false declaration of accredited voters

Part of your case is that INEC  resulted to manual accreditation?
PW53- Yes

For accreditation to take place voters register is required?
PW53-  Yes

Are dis ur exhibit U used in preparing ur witness statement?
PW53- INEC  refused to give us certified true copies of voters register

Is there any polling unit results signed by electoral office?
PW53- If I see the exhibit I can differentiate

Court adjourns for 1 hr break ..


Exhibit A 301 which the Judge marked

Will I be right to say 292,878 was the number accredited voters in RS?
PW53- My lord if the figure 292,878 refers in my deposition..
it clears the content of the card reader supplied to me upon application for CTC before the 3rd May 2015,
when I made that deposition at which time the 6 week cut off time provided by INEC  hasn’t elapsed
Who was the JTF commander for Akuku Toru LGA?
PW53- I can’t recall his name off hand at this moment

Have you come across Supol.Joseph Kayode?
PW53- He was the DPO of Akuku-Toru LGA

What did you state in exhibit A 302?
PW53- The DPO led militant who shot at APC members
Where you there when the shooting took place?
PW53- I wasn’t

You made the same allegations against the JTF commander?
PW53- correct

RS consists of 23 LGA s?
PW53- Yes

How many did you visit?
PW53- I visited ikwerre, Obio/Akpor and Phalga

t wasn’t to monitor elections?
PW53- I saw things along my route

Between what time?
PW53- I left PHC by 7 and got to ikwerre LGA by 8 am, and left ikwerre by 10 am back to PHC,

returned to ikwerre by 6pm, and finally left ikwerre by 10 pm back to INEC  office headquarters

Where you registered as a voter?
PW53-  In Ogbodo in isiokpo, unit 6 ward1, Orosi village

You weren’t involved in the distribution of materials on the 11 April?
PW53- Only in ward 1 in ikwerre lga

Where you in charge of posting INEC  staffs?
PW53- I was not my lord

Did you physically observe the posting?
PW53- Some I did, some I did not

Polling unit officers no, All officers from INECstate office I did see there deployment

Could it be correct that your party submitted agent list?
PW53- Yes

They were approved and distributed to play there role?
PW53- Yes my lord

Do you know one Emma Chinda?
PW53- Yes

He was not the APC agent at state level

I applied for certified through copies of agents from my party and PDP & discovered that inec for reasons known to them has mudded the names

I didn’t see my name or that of Tele Ikuru in the agent list

You couldn’t find your name ,because you weren’t the state agent?
PW53- It is on record that I am

You mentioned Tammy Danagogo, Evans Bipi, Desmond Akawor in paragraph 8,9,10?
PW53- Yes

Much of the things mentioned are hear say than eye witness acct?
PW53- not true

Apart from the  shooting in Akulga, the rest I witnessed

I put it to you’re not saying the truth?
PW53- All I’m saying is the truth

3rdR- This your APC situation room, where is it located?
PW53- It was and it is still located in Abana street old GRA PHC

Between April 11===13 2015, you were in this situation room?
PW53- I spent most of my time in INEC office

You said you have over 5,000,000 polling units in RS?
PW53- Yes

APC has agents in all the polling units?
PW53- Yes

Are you challenging the results in all the polling units?
PW53- My lord the once we are not challenging are contained in the petition

Your agents were not giving pink copies of results sheets?
PW53- I have to revert back to lga agents

Between April 11==13 you weren’t in any polling unit?
PW53- Except 1, Ikwerre lga

Out of your choice you opted out from voting?
PW53- Yes

You’re still the PA of Rotimi Amaechi?
PW53- I was his SA on inter party matters and now I have gone back to practice

You were in the collation centre for how long?
PW53- Through out the collation of results

You were there when the LGA results were coming in?
PW53- I was there when the donation was going on

You witnessed de distribution of materials?
PW53- Yes, & I protested when some sensitive materials weren’t  included, & was told 2 go 2 hell

You know Bar.Henry Odili?
PW53- Yes

You know Napoleon Ukalipe?
PW53- I don’t know

Who is the assistant secretary of APC in RS?
PW53- I don’t know

They both signed for your party?
PW53- I and Hon.Emma Deeyah signed for APC RS

This Emma Chinda is the former commissioner of agric under governor Amaechi?
PW53- very true

What’s the distance of your situation room to INEC  office?
PW53- 10====12KM

I put it to you Mr .Wobodo that you were in situation room and Emma Chinda was the inec accredited agent?
PW53- Not true

You didn’t see accreditation?
PW53- None at all my lord

Judge – Any re examination?
Petitioner – Nil

THE END!!! For this witness


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