LIVE Update From The Rivers State Election Tribunal For Today Wed. 16 September


Welcome To PUO REPORTS Live Coverage of Proceedings at the Rivers State Governorship Election Tribunal sitting in Apo High court Abuja

The Petitioner Dr. Dakuku Peterside will be on the witness box today. stay tuned to PUO REPORTS as we bring you updates from todays proceedings.

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Petitioner Rep by Achinike William Wobodo, as Respondents representative are  absent in court

Petitioner – Chief Akin Olujimi (DAKUKU PETERSIDE)
1stR- Onyechi Ikpeazu (INEC)
2ndR- Emmanuel Ukala (NYESOM WIKE)
3rdR- Chief Chris Uche(PDP)

Judge- Let us mak a little correctn in the marking of exhibits
Exhibit Form EC8E A271-279
Voters register A282-300 exhibit

Petitioner – Before I call my next witness when we got into de tribunal this morning the numbering of exhibit hasn’t started

Judge– Marking can continue after today’s proceedings

PW52  affirming on swearing

PW52 is a subpoena witness from the Nigeria Army

What’s your name?
PW52- Major Abduramah Umah

Where do you live?
PW52- Jaji barracks kaduna

You are here on a subpoena served on the COAS?
PW52- Yes

How did you come about the subpoena?
PW52- I received a letter in my office from army headquarters…….

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… legal services to report  myself

The director of legal services briefed me according in respect to the gubernatorial elections held in RS

What connection have you during the election?

PW52- I was the JTF commander in charge of Degema and Akuku Toru LGAs in RS

What did you do?
PW52- That was where I provided security

What happened during the election?
PW52- I had a number of 45 in Akuku Toru, while in Degema I had 30 soldiers under me…

When where deployed there?
PW52- December 2013 I was deployed before christmas in charge of akuku toru and degema

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On 10 April 2015, I received reports of hoodlums threatening resident to leave the communities and they had guns
I went out for patrol, there were a lot of shooting in the two lgas, I tried 2 identify de shooters but couldn’t get anybody

In the evening of that same day I directed my soldiers to remove there uniforms and wear civil cloth

And I sent them patrol were they saw  shooters

Because they were not armed they could not effect arrest, they called me on phone and reported the situations..

I coordinated and sent out 5 patrol vehicles & kept on communicating with my men on civil cloths

We closed on them and arrested two of the men with 2 AK 47 rifle

Another patrol team in Abonnema & Degema arrested another hoodlums with 5 AK 47

Despite that there was still shootings inside the towns, during our patrols we confiscated 35 matchets

I reported to my commander whose base is in Harry’s town, which he instructed me to hand over the boys, guns and matchets to the police.

Because of the sensitive of the materials with me I went to the DPO to hand over this items to him personally

When I was with him, they brought in somebody shot in Degema, he was rushed 2 the hospital in Degema, before they got there he died

Shootings continued through out the night

On the 11 April, shootings were still heard but at a minute base

I went out for patrol and I also sent different teams for patrol in different place

Each time we approach the shooters they always run away, because they know the terrain more than us
That same 11 April I received a lot of call ,that hoodlums were threatening electorates to leave the town In this two LGAs
I went out on patrol to see if I could effect arrest

We conducted search on any group of persons we saw and confiscated over 50 matchets.

Which I handed over to the dpo in akuku toru

Some people came and reported to me that hoodlums had stop them from exercising there rights

I also received complains of non availability of voting materials

I told them it is not my duty to bring electoral materials but @inecnigeria  and the

I had to go round to see things for my self

I saw nobody and no electoral materials

I tried contacting the INEC staffs wearing jackets, which they also said they never saw any electoral materials
I went to a particular ward where I saw electoral materials, i went 2 dat ward because I received a complain of crisis there

On reaching there, their was commotion all over the place

I tried to find out the situation and was informed some persons were preventing others from voting

While standing  there the most senior officer who was a DPO head was broken

Towards evenings I received calls from Degema that another person was shoot and killed

I visited the police station and saw the dead body

Because of the heavy volume of gun shots a lot of residents fled the community for fear of been killed

The firing continued through out the election day, at the end it was my duty to provide security back to PHC

I got my men and two patrol vehicle and got to the collation centre. I saw people but no electoral materials for collations

There was no collation of results

Cast your mind to 10 april, did you and your team play any role?
PW52- We only provide escort for materials from PHC

.to the LGA and back to PHC after LGA collations

I only provided security to the LGA but didn’t escort it back to PHC because there was no collation.

1stR- You knew it was electoral officer in charge of electoral materials?
PW52- Yes

Did you see the dead body?
PW52- I mentioned it early, i did at the police station

Was it the same corpse,you said died on the way to the clinic?
PW52- No

You weren’t present when he died?
PW52- No

The persons you saw ,were waiting for vehicle to escape?
PW52- Yes
Was there imposition of no movement?
PW52- Yes

You don’t have a written report?
PW52- I do

Did you submit the report?
PW52- Yes to my boss

It has a comprehensive account of what happened?
PW52- correct

Can you say the names of those you arrested?
PW52- I only arrested and handed over to the POLICE

Can we have an inventory ?
PW52- I am not authorised to have it, i submitted it to my boss

Can we have an inventory ?
PW52- I am not authorised to have it, i submitted it to my boss

Can I have the AK47 and matchets?
PW52- It will be out of place, ask the DPO

Have you given evidence in any court against the arrested persons?
PW52- never

Did you make any statement to the police in respect to the circumstances to there arrest?
PW52- No

Where was the ward collation centre ?
PW52- not my business

2ndR – Did you call for reinforcement on the 10 April?
PW52- No, I had enough soldiers

As the JTF commander, the Degema community has riverine communities?
PW52-  Yes

Can be accessed via boats or helicopters?
PW52- Yes

The same with akuku toru?
PW52- Yes
Accessible via boats or helicopters?
PW52- Yes or  via swimming

Court butrst in laughter

The bridge only links abonnema and Degema?
PW52- Yes

Was there any violence as JTF commander before the elections?
PW52- There has been a lot of cult activities going on

Did you address the cultism problem?
PW52- We arrested a lot of the cultist

You participated in the presidential elections?
PW52- Yes

Lt. Col .Kingsley was still your commander?
PW52- Yes

You know Major Luke?
PW52-  Yes

He was posted to kula?
PW52- correct

You know one Capt.Umaru?
PW52- No

He was posted to Degema?
PW52- No

You know Lt.Ayuba?
PW52- No

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You were posted to Degema?
PW52- No but Degema and akuku toru

You were protecting the interest of APC in Abonnema that’s why they petitioned you?
PW52-  It is not true, as a soldier I am not partisan

Because of that you were re posted to bori camp?
PW52- I wonder if you were there, I was never petitioned if I was I won’ t be here

No crime was committed in Degema and akuku toru?
PW52- not true my lord

3rdR- You said the police is corrupt?
PW52- I didn’t say so

JTF has been in existence years before the gubernatorial elections?
PW52- Yes

Was there during Amaechi’s  time?
PW52-  Yes

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The hoodlums has always been in operations?
PW52- Exactly

Your boss Lt.Col Kingsley was in charge of Akuku-toru, Degema and Asari-toru?
PW52- Yes

And you report to him?
PW52- Exactly
There were other Captains apart from you?
PW52- Exactly

Did you have a life encounter of fire display?
PW52- None

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Judge– Any re examination
Petitioner- nil




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