Bayelsa APC Primaries: It Is An Experience ,Says Ikiogha


Gentlemen of the Press,

I have to invite you this evening to have a chart with on the outcome of today’s Bayelsa APC Governorship Primaries,infact you all are aware, because i saw most of you there that election was disrupted by some cult groups,boys that came in and insisted on a particular way of conducting the election,and at the end of the Day the Chairman of the National Committee Governor Adams Oshiomole who was sent to conduct the election came in and election was aborted based on this Development

However we are hearing that some people are still doing accreditation  at the stadium even at this time of the day,even when the Chairman and some of the  National committee Member are not there,but that is not an issue,what concerns us is that election that we expected to be very peaceful in Bayelsa State has turned out to be a different thing.

We all taught that APC has been a very good party,and we left a party(PDP) that has been filled with intimidation or what i can describe as a lacking  internal democracy,we all left there with the hope that we have found a party with an internal democracy,but this is turning out to be a differrent thing,people in APC insisting that they must rig the election and it is not a good thing,never the less,i beleive that APC is still a party to reckon with despite  what has happened today.

We observed that the National Commitee sent to come and conduct the Primaries was well selected,infact that Chairman stood on his ground that he must take the later to the Head as contained in the APC constitution and of course the guidelines for the Primary election.

Kogi state Primaries was just recently concluded and i see no Reason why we cannot use the same guideline in Bayelsa State,infact the Primary election just ended in disruption and we are hoping that the National Leadership of our Party will conduct a free,fair and credible election in the days Ahead so that we can have the APC primary election in Bayelsa State.

I think that nothing is lost,it is an experience,we are still a family,and we will understand ourselves and come out stronger,sometimes we need to test our strength,just as we have tested our strength now,we believe that once we come together,we can get things right.

Am using this medium to appeal to my teeming supporters to remain calm,steadfast and try to expand on the scope of the support by bringing in new people to support my course of being the NEXT Governor of Bayelsa State

I thank them very much,in fact i even enjoyed tremendous support,i appreciate the DELEGATES so much,even at the dieying minutes when some of them were prevented from entering the stadium,they made every effort to enter.

I wish we come our stronger whenever our party fix the Election.

Thank You for your Time

Chief Diekivie Bovie Ikiogha,APC Governorship aspirant Bayelsa State


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