Rivers Tribunal : Full UPDATE For Today Monday 21sth September


Second witness for INEC is in the doc.this time a male from ward 10 in Tai local govt area. His occupation is he is a serving youth copper. Lawyer u made a statement at this tribunal .Witness yrs. Lawyer pls identify how u signed it. Yrs I initialled it. Do u addopt it as ur witness. Witness. Yrs. Ukala when where you at the polling station witness about 8pm. Did you receive all ur materials on the day yrs. Did you do accreditation voting did you encounter any form of violence did anybody snatch election materials on that day throughout that day did any soldier come to ur Polling station the day witness answered both yes and no.

Olujimi pls confirm that card reader was included
Witness yrs card reader was one of them. Olujimi can u confirm that u knew that ur suppose to use the card reader as part of the accreditation. Yrs. So what ur saying is that u used Mannual accreditation that election day. Witness fumbles. Laughter in court as he said card reader malfunctioned.
Witness: another card reader was brought in and the battery Was dead and since their was…
Judge did u use Mannual accreditation yrs. Court in laughter. He just admitted using Mannual accreditation. Olujimi is asking him to read a potion od his statement he is about to read. Now those three entries. Nil nill nil. So ur not aware that if card readers fail election should be stopped. His nor aware. Witness steps down.
Olujimi vs INEC P3
Pls read out the complain against ur unit, Tai
Null, NULL, Null
So U did not use card reader at all,
Yes! You will remember that U were told that if Card reader fails U should return the next day!?
No sir I am not aware of That,
Olujimi pls read the next line,
I can’t see.
INEC lawyer: let me see, this page is almost Blank,
Judge get it 4 Me: I can see This Clearly,
My friend Do U Use glasses, ?
No my lord but sometimes my eye disturbs me.
Olujimi Vs INEC witness,
Can U confirm what materials was Given to U?
Ballot Box, stamp, marker, Resgister, Card Reader, INEC Bag, polling boot, Apron,
INEC Tag, poster of Guidelines of Election,
You said U where given Card reader, Did U use it,?
Yes at First we started with The card reader, when The process was Getting diff, could not be identified by the card reader, we started manual accreditation,
Where U not instructed that u should use only Card readers?
We were trained, B4 The presidential election, and we where not trained 4 Governorship,
So That was The instruction giving to us,
Look at Exhibit A9, page 139,
Unit gobor, read out the entry against That Unit in respect of Accreditation,
Sir, I didn’t have any thing like this in my brief,
Read it my friend!
So Btw U and the card reader who is Lying?
As I said I did not have this information and I used manual accreditation,
INEC P3 vs Ukala,
Ward 10 TAI. Serving NYSC member,
I made a Deposition with the identity 53B,
I adopt this as my witness,
Did Ur materials Include Card reader, ?
Do U confirm that U are to use card reader 4 That election?
That was part of the training, but where card reader does not work we should use manual, and I was not giving another training, B4 Governorship,
Do U confirm that U did Manual Accreditation,?
Yes, wen Card reader malfunctioned and I reported to SPO and he brought another card reader,and der was No power on It,
And since the 2card reader could not function so I resorted to manual.
Third INEC witness in dock now.his name is A dry emissions sahid from Akuku Toru Lga. His a serving Cooper their. He made a written statement in this case and identify and addopt it as his evidence. Ukala stands up. U confirm that election went peacefully in ur Polling station yrs sir. Where their soldiers no sir. In the course of the election where their snatching of ballot boxes
No. Did u have party agents all through the election did any of the party agent complain to u .no sir. PDP adopts WIKE’S Lawyer’s questionings.
Olujimi is asking the materials include the card reader. yrs sir witness Olujimi was it not used for accreditation. Witness. We used it and because it stopped working we switched to Mannual. Was it not part of ur training to stop if the card reader is not working. What is the total number.witness up to 300 sir. Olujimi now look at page of ur statement. I44 he said no sir. Olujimi can u provide ur form ECA on that day. I put it that it is not in exhibit 25 .now on the form no figures for any other party except pdp witness that’s what I saw.
Fourth witness is being called now same INEC witness. Olujimi stood up to say he has an objection a about the witness but he will reserve it he just wants it to be on record.
4th witness for INEC who says he stays in aba. INEC lawyer confirming with him.
But an objection frm oluijmi to be heard later in the proceedings.
INEC lawyer cont’d. Wike’s lawyer takes over
Any violence or electrol manipulation soldiers during election
Ukala questioning any violence witness no sir. Did u particpate in any form of election malpractice that day. No sir. Did u witness carting away of election materials witness no. Was their any soldiers posted to ur unit on the day of election no sir. PDP lawyer can u confirm that a free and fair election was conducted yrs sir. That’s all my lord.
Olujimi is card reader part of the procees of the election witness yrs.did card reader malfunctioned. No sir. Where u in ur unit all day. Yrs sir. Can u have form EC8A. Innec lawyer protestesting
Can you confirm that ballot paper was issued in a multiple of 100. Yrs sir. How many parties participated in that election. Witness all I can remember is Apc and pdp.
PW 5 INEC, vs Olujimi,
Do U confirm that card Reader was Part of The Materials That Day! ?
Did U use the Card Reader,?
The total accreditation of Card reader that day was 135?
I can’t remember?
Ur card reader did not malfunction?
Yes, it worked well,
Now U were in ur Unit through out that day!?
Yes I was,
Can I have form EC8A that u used to enter ur result, ?
Don’t have it,
Registrar pls show him,
Not here,
My lord INEC was asked to bring those documents and the refused,
INEC objects, My lord not true, They choose to bring what they want!
Olujimi, Do U confirm that Ballot papers were issued in multiples of 100s,
Yes I confirm,
How many parties took part in the election, ?
I can remember only PDP and APC,
So U don’t remember the others,
Witness no 5 for INEC from delta state.
Same questioning pattern all in the line of trying to ascertain that election was held free and fair with no violence and tugrey. This witness at lest has admitted that their was presence of police men.

Olujimi is on: 
Pls confirm that card reader was one of the item used for the election. Yrs. If a card reader fails elections should be stopped. Witness we where not informed. Witness two card readers was brought we started up with accreditation so more people where coming then the card reader stopped working. Olujimi so I used Mannual voting. Ok pls look at exhibit A9 pls confirm your unit . ward 1 dikeh compound okoloma. Can u read out the last entry the figure their. Witnes 212. That was the total accreditation do. Witness no. Do u know the figure. Is more than that.
[ Recess now of course to resume 10 min time.

Sixth witness for INEC in the dock.
His a Corp member. He made a written statement to the court and he adopts it as his evidence. Ukala stands up to ask him some questions. As the presiding officer from the voting centre did witness carting away of ballot papers. Did u witness multiple thumb printing did u particpate in election malpractice in ur unit or else where? Did u see any soldier or any other patrolling in ur unit can u confirm that accreditation was done before voting commenced? Witness answered in favour of all questions asked by ukala. PDP lawyer in same vain of questioning. With same favourable answers for them.

SIXTH WITNESS CONTINUED: Olujimi is now questioning the witness to pls confirm to the lordship that he should read out the figure. 146 he reads. What was the total Olujimi asking. Witness about 300. Innec argues judge u said it u said it. It was part of ur training that when card reader fails elections should stop. Witness it’s nor part of my training but that I should go ahead an accredit manually in order not to dis franchise the electorate.
Now look at ur exhibit A298 EC8A that’s for ur unit. Is that not ur unit Olujimi questions can u tell my lord why other parties where not recorded.
He fumbles and is trying to recall but unable. Can u recall that the electoral materials where about

He said he made a statement to the court and that he adopts it as his evidence.
Ukala no cross examination from the other lawyers.
Olujimi ur unit is govt school compound pipe line. Witness yrs. Can u confirm card reader for accreditation . Yrs it was only why we where uploading that we experienced a delay in uploading.
Against ur unit pls read it out witness 378. Did u return the two malfunctioned card reader to innec witness yrs. Where was ur place of primary assignment. Fine international academy finima bonny. Witness I got to my unit at about 7.45 and we ended 10 minutes to 2 and voting started immediately. Do have ur form ECA can I have it. The judge asked him. Witness it is not with me . laughter in court. Witness is excused.
Court is adjourned till the 28th of sept.

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