What Fayose’s PDP Know,But Wike’s PDP Dont Know By: Oby Ndukwe


Yesterday, the cantankerous Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fasoye tried to pull a masterstroke as one plays politics without bitterness when he jolted Nigerians with an unexpected statement, urging Ekiti Senators not to oppose the nomination of his predecessor, Kayode Fayemi as Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

That of course earned him kudos from all and sundry. No one expected Fayose to exhibit such peaceful disposition considering what he is known best at- full scale opposition to anything APC!
This is contrary to the continued drama in Rivers state where the PDP led by Gov. Nyesom Wike has spent long hours from dusk to dawn, strategizing on how best to scuttle former Governor Rotimi Amaechi’s appointment as a Minister under President Buhari.
The truth, for the benefit of those who don’t know is that Fayose knows something Wike knows but pretends not to know.
There is no written rule that says that a Ministerial nominee MUST be confirmed for appointment by at least two of three Senators from his or her state.
Fayose is in touch with his people and must have been informed that there was an Executive Session yesterday in the Senate chambers were some modifications and ammendments were made.
While it is better to allow some ignorant members of the PDP in Rivers state or beyond to keep having a false sense of hope that Amaechi will not scale through the screening because of the so called 2 over 3 rule, it’s important to inform those willing to know that the APC controlled Senate and Federal Government know that the right against Amaechi is a fight against Buhari and the APC.
The ruling party will never succumb to the antics of the PDP which is on a vengeance mission.
The Senators who are mostly APC especially from the North and the West know better! And for this reason, an Executive Session was held where the issue among others were discussed and laid to rest.
I will only mention the three issues raised without bothering myself to give a detailed report.
First, on the issue of two over three, reasons were given in why that rule, though unwritten was made. It was made because the upper chamber discovered a dangerous trend in the past where Ministers and Senators from their states were usually at loggerheads. In a bit to foster better co-operation and unity, it was agreed in practise that the Ministerial nominee should be confirmed by two out of three Senators from his state.
But all that has changed. Just as the unwritten rule of a first time Senator not elected as a principal officer, where there exists older members from that zone, (recall the recent case of Godswill Akpabio, a first timer versus George Sekibo over the position of Senate Minority leader), so the rule has been modified. The new rule is that the nominee should be in touch with at least two out of three Senators. Reason for the modification is that Ministers are servibg the Federal Republic of Nigeria and not their states. Therefore, Ministers are not to be endorsed by their State reps.
Secondly, the former practice of the Senators from a Stare to escort a nominee out of the Senate Chambers after screening is no longer acceptable. Rather, the Senators can only shake hands with the nominee as he makes his way out of the Chambers aftef screening.
Thirdly, for former lawmakers who are nominated as Ministers, they will no longer take a bow and leave. They will only be questioned by the Senate President! Then they can take a bow and go.
Governor Fayose had to key in, knowing that it would be a futile attempt to oppose a strong APC nominee under the watch of majority APC Senators.
This is what none of these PDP leaders would tell their supporters in Rivers State. It’s unfortunate that unsuspecting overzealous party members are allowed to wallow in ignorance. Just like some have believed in the invincibility, omnipotence and omniscience of Wike, they have failed to realize that even God who alone has such characters does not obey protocols rather He acts on principles!
The earlier readers realize that even Dino Melaye stuttered in that interview, the earlier they would understand the biblical hand of Esau but the voice of Jacob.
Truly, Change has come, even in the Senate Rules!
A word is enough for the wise.

Oby Ndukwe is the Publisher  THE BEAM MAGAZINE

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