BREAKING: Perish For Eternity, IKPEAZU Tells Abia Old Pensioner


Abia state governor Okezie Ikpeazu has told an old pensioner whose pension has not been paid to perish and die in poverty.

The drama started when the old woman approached a popular radio station in Abuja,composing her plight through an audience participatory programme called BEREKETE FAMILY anchored by Ahmed Isa.

Ahmed Is a quickly put a call to the Abia state governor,who asked the woman to come forward to government house Umuahia,but the governor never kept his promise of meeting with the woman,instead security personnel at the Government house office pushed the woman away.

Is a did not stop there,he reached one of the governors P.A Mr Eyninnaya Appolos,but this time instead of Mr Appolos to exbite decorum,he told the woman to perish in poverty to eternity.

“Isa, am sure that even ‘ordinary’ you do have all the time to see everyone you may have given appointment to see you. I’m taking to you on the instruction of the Governor, asking for the contact of the woman, or you guys can bring her to meet the committee. That is the best that can be done. Where she fails to meet the committee, well there is nothing anyone can do.

Isa, if you’re really interested in her matter and wants to help her, just have her understand that she MUST be verified by the committee before she will be paid. In that case, she MUST make herself available in Umuahia for verification by the committee. This is how far I can go with you on his for now. “Mr. Appolos angrily told the station

Responsiveness, sincerity  and integrity  have at no time seized to be the critical attributes of leadership. I am not sure Abains and Nigeria at large expect lease from their leader at this time. If a leader publicly say ‘COME,I WILL SEE U’ ,  but refused to see the person, will it not be percieved as lies and deciet. As a professional  colleague,  I thought you will be advicing  the governor rightly. Ahmed Is a Fired Back

Isa, it therefore behooves you and your Berekete Family to tell the woman to make herself available before  the committee in Umuahia this week so she can be verified and get paid alongside others. But if she fails to do so, she can spend eternity in your  station. Goodluck to all of you.That was Mr Appolos last a abusive response.

Already the station has gone on air with this drama in their station


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