The Error’s Of Amaechi,The Weapon’s Of His Enemies By:Oby Ndukwe


Whatever once the power to float your boat can still rock your world. Today’s friends can become tomorrow’s enemies. The ones who once put an hedge around you to protect you from danger can also break the hedge and push you to the edge of the cliff, where you either stutter of you fly like the eaglet. Often times, those who engage in extreme morality are prone to attacks and eventual fall, just as a mango tree with ripened fruits are bound to attract the stones and sticks of a desperate eater.
It’s no longer news that the former Governor of Rivers State and the ‘strongman’ of the opposition PDP now a pillar in the APC hall of fame, Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi is the most trending politician in Nigeria today. He adorns the popular ad of one of the GSM providers, “…..#whereveryougo”. From the North to the South, East to the West, the only thing you get to hear as much as football, is “Amaechi”. This two time Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly and a two time Governor of the State seems to be in the eye of the storm though he is the most sought after politician East of the Niger. Amaechi is currently facing a hard time in the muddy political rivers of his state as the current government in his state headed by Nyesom Wike, his former man Friday and Chief of Staff is on a vendetta mission to not only cripple him politically but to ensure that he adorns the prisoner’s clothes. The PDP government of Wike is standing on the threshold as it faces judicial litmus test over its scandalous victory at the Election Petition Tribunal.

Bound by the cloak of fear of losing at the tribunal coupled with Amaechi as a Minister under the APC led Federal Government of Buhari are the ultimate triggers of the orchestrated onslaught and desperate campaign of calling against the man who is now addressed as “the General of the Common sense Revolution” that shook the foundation of Aso Rock and brought the 16-year old reign of the PDP government to a dismal and unexpected end. No right thinking politician worth his salt would fold his hands and watch such a man assume a powerful position again, considering his roles as a two time Chairman of the Nigerian Conference of Speakers and Legislators and a two time Chairman, Nigetian Governors’ Forum. Wike understands the true colour of Abuja power or what many call federal might. Therefore, he must fight albeit dirty to ensure that Amaechi does not come close to that position. He has this employed all arsenals at his disposal to achieve this goal. Though his traducers are mostly those he had shown exceptional magnanimity, Amaechi’s ordeal stems from his errors while in power. He had the opportunity of playing out the scripts as laid out in the 48 Laws of Power. The former Governor and pillar of support of President Buhari had enormous power at his disposal but he failed to employ that power to his detriment.

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 The things he failed to do are the things his political enemies are doing today. In 2007, when he came to power through a landmark judgement of the Supreme Court, he should have weilded the big stick against those who fought against his candidature and mandate. Amaechi’s Chief political adviser cum Chief of Staff, Nyesom Wike has urged him to implement the report of the Justice Kayode Eso panel of the Truth and Reconciliation Panel which had indicted former Governor Peter Odili and former SSG, Abiye Sekibo among others. But the ex governor would not yield to such pressure as he repeatedly said on the day he received the report at the Banquet hall inside the Government House, “today happens to be the saddest day of my life…” Amaechi was said because his political mentor and former boss, Dr. Peter Odili was ‘indicted’ by the panel which had recommended his prosecution. Many had believed he was pretending to be sad since he had been badly bruised by those indicted. But that was not to be as Amaechi practically refused to implement the report of the panel. He had hoped that his reason for setting up the panel which was for the purpose of reconciling Rivers people after a turbulent era of communal clashes, militancy and kidnapping, youth restiveness and the gruesome murder of two prominent sons of the State, Marshall Harry and A.K. Dikibo of blessed memory. On the contrary, Wike wanted their prosecutions. He chose the option of a white paper and a gazzette of this report. At least, that would have helped to perpetually keep these powerful politician enemies in the dustbin of political relevance! No, Amaechi would not hard to any such advice. He couldn’t for the same of his political father, Odili. Not even an attempt was made to stop Odili from securing an injunction against the State Government. Even when he succeeded, Amaechi failed to assemble his legal team to vacate the order through the Appeal Court.

Today, those he set free are part of the grand design to indict him through a White paper, ostensibly to put him behind bars. Chaii! !!! Amaechi failed to stiffle his enemies of funds. Rather, he brought back those who had erred and offered them the olive branch. He didn’t stop there as he granted them more financial autonomy through Contract awards. When he had the opportunity of letting the EFCC send Wike to prison for alleged financial fraud less than one year of his administration, Amaechi mobilised Rivers youths to stop the Crime Commission from flouting a Court order procured by Odili which restrains the Commission from arresting, investigating and prosecuting any official of the Rivers State Government. Again, Amaechi failed to divest the shares of the Rivers State Government from AIT, a larger chunk of money invested in the then ailing television house. There was enormous pressure by the then Chief of Staff and today Governor as well as his lawyers and exco members to either withdraw the State funds from AIT or change the Rivers Reps in the Board of Directors namely Emma Okah, Toru Ofili and Sheddrach Akolokwu. But he refused on the grounds that it would seem as a vendetta against the trio who never supported him and still do not support him till date. Haha! Amaechi!!! He allowed the same TV station that worked against his interest even as governor to operate with funds from his government.

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 Today, AIT leads the pack of the section of the media running hate documentaries against him. He was deceived by Raymond Dokpesi’s pretentious reconciliatory approach. Amaechi had the opportunity of allowing Felix Obuah, the State PDP Chairman to die when he was shot by assassins who left him half dead with bullets shattering his lower body. He quickly ordered that Obuah be flown to South Africa on an Air Ambulance for medical treatment with an initial approval of the sun of N10m. Despite the fact that Obuah a.k.a. Go round had abandoned him after the K-leg to publicly pledege his support for Celestine Omehia, Amaechi’s rival. When it was time to stop Senator George Sekibo as a second time Senator in 2011, Rotimi Amaechi misfired. He conceded to the pressure from First Lady Patience Jonathan to allow Sekibo her kinsman and pointsman, a second chance. Amaechi ‘s ally, Andrew Uchendu desires to replace Sekibo but he was stopped by the governor. Wike also wanted the seat at the upper chamber, but Amaechi prevailed on him to abandon the pursuit of the same seat. A big error! Today, the same Sekibo whom he graciously supported against the wish of most of his supporters and the constituents of Rivers East senatorial zone, is the devil’s advocate in a bid to stop Amaechi’s ministerial confirmation by the Senate. He has duplicated and circulated CDs and DVDs purporting the alleged financial sins of Amaechi.

 The ex governor had the singular opportunity of wittling down the cancerous rising profile of Wike and 90 per cent of his accomplices in the race to pull down Amaechi, but he chose to let them be. The likes of Ken Chikere, Boma Charles Nsiegbe, Betty Apiafi and most of the petition writing lawmakers cannot forget so soon how their political relevance today took its roots from Amaechi. When he should have set up panel of inquiries to investigate and probably arrange a kangaroo indictment and prosecution of some former Local Government Chairmen and Commissioners who served under him, Amaechi set them free to hound him today.

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The exact things he failex to do are the same things his enemies are employing to detail him. His errors of yesterday have eventually become the weapons of his enemies against him. May this affliction never rise a second time!”

Oby Ndukwe is the Publisher of THE BEAM MAGAZINE


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