Investigation : Ikpeazu Actually Gave N1m and Want to Take Paul Arisa to USA for More treatment


Following the report which Emanated from an Online Blog with the Caption
Family of cancer patient Paul Arisa deny that Abia State Govt is flying him abroad for treatment,PUO REPORTS carried out an Investigation to unravel the true position of things to ascertain whether or not Governor Okezie Ikpeazu actually made a Donation to ailing Paul Arisa.

Paul Arisa

In the Report by the said Online Blog,an non-existent Family Member was purported to have told the Publishers that the Abia State Government Lied when it held few days ago that Governor Okezie Ikpeazu has paid to sum of N1million and also directed that all documents be made ready so that Mr Paul Arisa might be taken oversees for treatment on the Sponsorship of the State Government.

Our Investigation has shown that in December 2015,ailing Paul Arisa wrote a letter through the Wife of the Abia State Government Mrs Nkechi Ikpeazu,appealing for a N200,000 Monthly assistance of 8Months ,the letter which passed through a compassionate close aide of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu was delivered to the Wife of the Abia State Governor and the Governors Office as well. Barely two days after receiving the letter of Appeal which was personally signed by Paul Arisa,Mrs Nkechi Ikpeazu responded to the letter and her husband approved N1m for immediate disbursement. The letter from Arisa’s family which was sighted by PUO reports stated clearly that they needed about N200,000 per month for chemotherapy for 8 months.

Further Investigations revealed that the Family of Mr Paul Arisa after receiving the N1million as Approved by Governor Okezie Ikpeazu,wrote a letter of Dated February 26th 2016 thanking and Appreciating the Governor for the Financial Assistant.

Officials of Abia Govt paying Arisa a Visit

On February 25th 2016,Governor Okezie Ikpeazu directed Dr. Mike Eninnaya (his personal physician ) and Ubani Newman Ubani his SSA on New Media to visit Paul Arisa who had been bed ridden over a serious disease for sometime now.

Abia State Governor, who was represented during the visit by Dr. Mike Eninnaya (Medical Doctor) and Ubani Newman Ubani his SSA on New Media, requested for every information about his sickness in order to figure out how to arrange for his treatment and upkeep until he recuperates fully.

After reviewing the report brought by his Personal Physician and Aide, Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu on 26th February 2016 approved that Paul Arisa together with one care giver will travel to the US for treatment under the care of Abia State Government.

Paul Arisa,  is an orphan with no direct blood brother or sister but only Pastor and Mrs Arisa Ukaegbu Onwuka can stand as his Family Members

The Ghost tunred Family Mmember who spoke to the Online Blog was not named in the Publication which was intended to present Governor Okezie Ikpeazu and the Abia State Government in Bad Light.

Already the Family members has refuted the publication by the said Blog

The Refuttal from the Family is Below

“Our attention has been drawn to a baseless information posted on Linda Ikeji Blog. The only close family members that Arisa Paul has for now are his foster parents Pastor and Mrs Arisa Ukaegbu Onwuka and family. Since inception, events, none of us have been communicated nor interviewed as claimed by any external media- Linda Ikeji inclusive. Any other person could have been an overzealous sympathizer.
Right now we have received in full sum an amount of N1m from the Abia State Government who has promised to do more. Please help this vital information.

It is not clear if the attempt to Tarnish the good image of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu and present him to the general public in Bad Light was politically motivated,but that are strong indications that some people were bent on playing politics with the Health Condition of Mr Paul Arisa


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