‘I abhor tattoos as fashion statement’ -Godpikin


Victor Oton aka Godpikin works as a Pidgin English presenter with an FM radio. In this interview with National Mirrow, the Business Management graduate from University of Uyo speaks about his passion for broadcasting and his dress sense.

Why did you choose to be an on-air personality, OAP?

I chose it because I love jesting since I was born. I started presenting on radio in 2003 before I was admitted into the university in 2004. I started with Michael Ogolo on T-junction crew FM, radio Nigeria, Port Harcourt. Ogolo gave me the opportunity to present and meet a great man such as Jackson Muller among others. After my studies in the university, I went back to the radio.

What was your growing up like?

It was not easy because I was confused at the initial stage of my life. I did not know what to do but I later discovered that l loved listening to radio, especially Samuel Olise Joku DBS. In my secondary school days, though I was in science department, I knew radio and entertainment were part of me.

How do you see the entertainment industry in the next five years?

With the way the entertainment industry is going, we will get to the top in the next five years, but government needs to assist entertainers. It should extend the hand of fellowship to us in order to discover and raise more talents. Government, private institutions and companies should endorse and assist radio presenters in eastern Nigeria.

How do you know an artiste with a special gift?

I can discover an artiste or brand that has discovered itself by looking at what it likes doing. What distinguishes you from your contemporaries? What makes me unique is my ability to keep my fans listening to my programme for hours. Another is my ability to introduce freestyle and comic content that is absent among my contemporaries.

How were you able to break into the pidgin broadcast genre?

I was able to break into the pidgin market because of the experience I gathered from people like Michael Ogolo, Jackson Muller, Osaze Obasewo and my ability to come up with different styles of pidgin. When I got to Abia State, I studied the person that was doing pidgin presentation. I discovered that he was using one style of pidgin; based on that, I adopted different styles of in my presentation.

What is your style signature?

My style slogan is simple and precise.

What is your philosophy?

My philosophy is that ‘those who don’t create the future have to manage the future they get. Those who create the future must enjoy the future they have created’.

How was your experience the first day you presented your show in pidgin?

My first day on air presenting with Michael Ogolo was fantastic. I put in my best and my best was good. It was a unique experience. It wasn’t easy then, but today I flow more in pidgin language than English.

What is that fashion item you can never be caught in?

I can’t be caught in indecent clothes. When I see people dressed awkwardly, I abhor it a lot, especially when I see people donning tattoos everywhere on their body. For me, I can never be caught dotting a tattoo on my body; it is against my belief.

Who is your mentor?

My mentor is Michael Ogolo, Jackson Muller and God. I have so much respect for them, because they are good in what they do. They believe in bringing out the best in whatever they do.

Aside from being an OAP, what else do you do?

I do spontaneous jokes to entertain my fans, and any other thing related to show business.

What is your advice to upcoming artistes?

My advice to the upcoming artistes is to be focused and determined. Be yourself in everything you do, and don’t look down on yourself. I want them to also try to be the best in whatsoever the lay their hands, and God Almighty will surely reward your efforts.


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