BREAKING: Chidi Okoroafor Breaks Silence Over Crises in Assemblies of God

Chidi Okoroafor talking to Newsmen shortly after the Super Mega Worship

The General Superintendent of Assemblies of God Church  Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor has broken silence over the crises that had so far dragged the Church into a Topic of Media Discussion.

Rev Chidi spoke yesterday at the Pentecostal Theological Seminary in Akpajo,Eleme in Rivers State During the Super-Mega Worship service organised by the Corporate Ministries Department of the Church which was powered by the Executive Committee of Assemblies of God Church .

The Programme which began on Friday Night with Revival Fire Night had in attendance over 30,000 Worshipers of Assemblies of God Church who came from Bayelsa and Rivers State.

Speaking to Newsmen immediately after the Super-Mega Worship Service,the General Superintendent stated that what is happening in  Assemblies of God Church was not new because Families do get disagreements.

“Even in Your Family,a little family by a man and a woman there could be a disagreement,Assemblies of God is having an Internal  crises,its very unfortunate that Somebody makes a Mousing out of a Moulding,the issue of Assemblies of God is that the Church is standard,we believe in Discipline,we are not centered on an Individual”

We have had several General Superintendents,who came and they are gone,even the Human Founder of Assemblies of God Church,he was disciplined when he erred,this One is that our former General Superintendent had a Problem with the Church,the Church summoned him to answer certain questions,instead of answering,he went to Court,he took the Church to Court,the church was not happy that the number one Citizen,the custodian of the constitution went to Court,the Church now invoked relevant sections of the Constitution of the Church and Disciplined Him and he has been fighting the Church”

Speaking further,the General Superintent stated that the common goal of the Church is to make Heaven

“Our common Goal is to make Heaven,the church is not a political Family,the church is not a family meeting,if you are not in the Church to make Heaven,you have no Business in the Church” he stated

He urged Members of the Church to continue Moving Forward,because what is ahead of Assemblies of God Church Nigeria,is greater than what has happened in the Past.



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