The psychology of a sub: Subomi Plumptre


On social media, a sub or subliminal is a subtle(or not so subtle) dig at someone on your timeline without mentioning his/her handle.  That way you can (vehemently) deny that you were ever referring to or even thinking about the person when you made your statement. 

Every now and then, someone catches a “sub” that is not meant for them. This teaches you one or more thing about them. 
a.) They suffer from an inferiority complex:They are sensitive and generally react to what people say, erything that is not about them. 
b.) They are guilty: They recently perpetuated the act referenced in the sub and so assume it’s about them. 
c.) They are not sure of their beliefs: Any alleged attack on their position elicits a rebuttal. 
d.) They are paranoid: Everyone is talking about them. 
e.) They are grammatically challenged: They misconstrue everything. 
f.) They are busybodies: They are more concerned about what others are doing than their own business.
h.) They are opportunist: They seek amplification on another’s timeline instead of making their views known on theirs. 
I.) They have a saviour complex: it is their mission to steer you from a disastrous path and ensure you don’t lead others astray.
If this is about you, by all means here’s your sub.. Catch it! 


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