Magnus Abe: I Wont Celebrate My Birthday Until am Declared Winner of Rivers South East Senatorial Rerun

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It is my birthday today and I am now fifty one years old. I want to say a big thank you to all those who found time to felicitate with me by picking up their pens, phones, iPads, laptops, computers and other means of modern communication and those who have come to me personally to wish me a happy birthday, and most importantly those who sincerely prayed for me and sought more blessings and protection from Almighty God for me and my family, I am blessed beyond measure. I am so happy I am practically walking on air. My God has been faithful and he has proved himself in my life time and again.

Last year I could not hold the traditional 50th bash because our elections were inconclusive, several people who worked so hard for the APC were still in lying in the morgue, a lot of them were in detention, although I had so much to celebrate with or without the senate victory, I opted to postpone the big party to the next year. This is now next year, one year has swiftly gone and we have found ourselves once again in the same situation, the elections are still inconclusive, even more bodies are now in the mortuary. I will not have that big party now,
But my celebration can only be delayed, it cannot be denied, for it is my destiny and no one, no power can steal my destiny or deny it.
As We await that big party, God continues to pile up more reasons for celebration. On the 2nd of June President Buhari will be in Ogoniland to launch the clean up of Ogoni. How did Buhari get so involved in the Ogoni project?. When I was not favored for the Governorship ticket of the APC, I led a delegation of Ogoni leaders, including king Giniwa, President of Mosop Legborsi Pygbara, President of Kagote Dr Peter Medee and others to see then Governor Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi. One of the agreements we reached was the visit of Buhari to Ogoniland. I personally want to thank Rt Hon Amaechi for making it possible for us to hold that historic meeting with PMB, present him with the UNEP report and extract that public commitment on the implementation of the report. I want to thank PMB for being true to his word and giving not just me but thousands of Ogoni’s a big reason to be joyous in their lifetime.
My late father often made the point to me that a man cannot celebrate being “a witness to the mere passage of time, which is what a birthday actually represents, but men should celebrate their achievements within a time”. I believe that within this time God almighty has given me too many reasons to celebrate. I thank God, and I will have that thanksgiving, the actions and wickedness of men may delay the big party, but they only succeed in given us reasons to make that celebration bigger and grander.
If you are a true friend of Magnus Abe start shopping for your dancing shoes for very soon there will be a party to celebrate. Thank you all very much.
For today am just going to church to thank my God, knowing my wife ( another blessing from God) there must be a cake some where.

Senator Magnus Abe in a post on his FACEBOOK PAGE

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