Admit You Are Clueless, Stop The Propaganda, Charly Boy Tells Buhari


Popular Nigerian weirdo and entertainer, Charly Boy aka Area Fada, has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to admit that he is clueless about some matters of governance and stop government’s propaganda.

Charly Boy in a post on his Facebook page, said there was so much hunger and despondency in the land, but unfortunately the president seems to lack a hands-on approach to the issues.

The post reads: “Mr President Sir,

“Putting Nigeria together will take a lot more than childish, nonsensical propaganda.

“It will take more than prayers, more than just being a good guy.

“Being good is important but not as important as being a no-nonsense ass-kicker; person wey no send, because many things don scatter.

“I don’t care if you’re trying to convert all of us to Islam, I don’t care if everyone in your cabinet is your in-law, brother, sister, tribesman, cook, steward or even your MaiGuard.

“On behalf of all the frustrated youths in this country, all we need is a leader who can fix things, not the one that comes with excuses.

“A leader who is not afraid to admit that he has no clue to certain matters but willing to learn spot on and hands on.

“A leader who can’t be comfortable with praise singers.

“A leader who is troubled by the cry of poverty-ridden Nigerians.

“A leader who can raise our hope once again in our battered country.

“A leader who can make us start believing in our Nigeria again.

“Oga Presido, do sometin o, boys are vexing!”



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