OPINION: Things IPOB Supporters Should Demand FOR In THE SOUTH EAST Princewill Chimereze


It must be pointed out that when a people misplaces priorities, they begin to live a confused life. Since the loss of President Jonathan at the poll, there are insignificant few who does not want to come to terms with the reality on ground. These persons have cashed in to the misguided message of a man based in London and who might not suffer any consequence of his unguarded utterances and resurrection of a painful experience over 35 years ago.

This misguided few go by the Name Independent People of Biafra. (IPOB) they have been engaging in protests. What they arepprotesting for is unclear to me. But here are lists of what they should channel their energy into instead of the present one they have embarked on.
1. GOOD GOVERNANCE IN THE SOUTH EAST: Imagine these IPOB supporters carrying placards that they demand good governance from all Five South East Governors. That they want the allocation that is received by South East Governors to be judiciously used to develop the area. That the available resources should be harnessed for the betterment of the people. This will be lauded than wearing black and blocking the only road that connect your region and others.
2. GOOD LEADERS : Are you kidding me? After the poor leadership exhibited by T.A Orji he was still voted into the senate? The South East is lacking in terms of quality leaders full of integrity and ready to work for the people. These IPOB supporters should demand that they be represented by leaders of proven integrity.
3. EDUCATION OF THE POPULACE: Many believe that a particular region are the ones that are more uneducated in the country or has more illiterates. This is erroneously erroneous. Someone stays in London and ask you to stockpile arms for war, you should kill other tribes, and many heeded to his wrong command and even started disturbing the peace of a Nation cos such person was arrested? In 21st century? I wont say much on this.
4. STATE CREATION: The time and energy used in blocking Onithsa  bridge, imagine channeling such energy in demanding from the legislatures one more State for the region. Have a conference where they will mandate all their representative to push for at least this singular agenda even though its their only  achievement in four years.
5. POLITICAL RESTRUCTURING: The south east is always miscalculating politically and this the end product of bad leadership. Ojukwu contested and they voted Obasanjo, there was a candidate of Igbo extraction in Lagos and they left him to rally behind Jimi Agbaje how? Seriously how? You saw a man whose six years in power was a disaster you decided to throw all your weight behind him. Just because Ngige was in APC you left him and voted Ekwunife thereby losing the senate presidency. There is need for serious overhaul of the political structure of the south east party sentiments should be replaced with outstanding individual qualities of integrity, accountability and believe in the development of the people.  
6. PURGING THE PEOPLE OF  UNECESSARY POLITICAL SENTIMENTS: The South East needs to be purged of some meaningless, unnecessary, irrelevant and unprofitable political sentiments. APC is an Islamic party, they are Bokoharam party. Do you mean it? No wonder APGA has not gone beyond Abia State because it should be regarded as Yahoo Yahoo , Ritualists, and 419 party. No party was registered in a particular region they were all registered at the National level and should serve as platform to actualize anybody’s political ambition no matter your tribe or religion. The South South should be weary of this type of sentiments and avoid it because some discord creators have started creating this impression on the region and it should be resisted. You want the presidency of this country and you are demonizing a party? What if that party is your only sure way of climbing to that post will you get there? IPOB supporters should use their energy to pursue this course and change this type of sentiments in the SE.
7. DEVELOPMENT OF THE SOUTH EAST: I would have left my duty post to join the demonstrations if it was for development of the south East. Such developmental  issues like Second Niger bridge, a seaport, building of industries, etc should have formed the basis for the protests.  Business men and women from the region prefer to invest more outside than in the region. Go to Trade Fair, Alaba Market, Computer Village, Kano Main Market etc. They form major stakeholders in this places.   Development of the region is needed more and should be vogorously pursued.
Friends What else do you have to add? Use the comments box to vent your anger or approval they are welcomed.

Princewill Chimereze is a Writer, Public Affairs Analyst, Social Commentator. Follow on Twitter @P_Chimereze.
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