Still on Uche Ogar’s invalid CoR, more lies uncovered By Enyinnaya Appolos


A friend called me on phone now and called my attention to something she considered very important and vital.

Enyi: she said, “take a closer look at the Uche Ogar’s CoR and your boss’ own. You will discover that the Nigerian Coat of Arm is missing on Ogar’s own. Pls you guys should take serious notice of that.”
After her call, I had to check it again. I zoomed the two documents and discover she has a point. Curiously, I went to google, where I saw plenty of 2015 CoR issued by INEC to people, including President Buhari, low and behold, there is Nigerian coat of arm in all, but the invalid one that Uche Ogar has, does NOT have the Nigerian Cost of Arm on it.
So I decided to bring the matter here for you people to fellow me and see. May be, am not seeing clearly.
Here are two authentic CoR belong to President Buhari and Governor Ikpeazu issued by INEC.
I have also provided the invalid document which was purportedly issued to Ogar (a photocopy one that we have certified, and a color one that Ogar uploaded on net).
Pls compare and contrast…
Thank you.

Enyinnaya Appolos is the Chief Press Secretary to Governor Okezie Ikpeazu


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