Buhari Remains Nigeria’s Best President – Activitist


A former PDP candidate for Onitsha North II Constituency in the Anambra state House of Assembly, Mr. Benjamin Eneori, has made a shocking revelation describing President Mohammadu Buhari as ‘’the best civilian President the country has ever produced for now’’.

The political activist who accused the President’s critics of petty jealousy for allegedly giving out sensitive political and bureaucratic appointments to members of his family, in-laws and friends, including harboring a secret northern agenda against other sections of Nigeria equally exonerated the President, citing other political leaders who engaged in nepotism.
Eneori stated that there was nothing wrong for one occupying a privileged position to appoint people he could trust into sensitive and responsible positions of authority as much as such people are qualified and competent enough to hold such positions for the progress of government business.
“I see nothing wrong for Buhari to appoint his own people and those he can trust to deliver in as much the appointees are qualified and competent enough to deliver on such mandate.
“Those who criticize President Mohammadu Buhari on nepotism are doing so out of petty jealousy. The problem is not on appointing people because you want to reflect on principles of Federal Character. The President has not derailed from the principle of Federal Character. He is trying to give the best to Nigeria.’’
The activist  further stated that he admired  the Nigerian president as the only leader who has                   the  political will and courage to fight corruption in the country, adding that all past leaders  were all busy  enriching themselves  and competing who would become the richest president, both  during  the military and civilian administrations  in  Nigeria.
He, however, expressed  reservation in the retention  of the Central Bank  Governor,  Godwin   Emefiele and the Finance Minister, Kemi Adeosun by the  president, stressing that under Emefiele and Adeosun the Nigerian economy has been dying a gradual death.
He, however, suggested the inclusion of some economic experts in the running of the economy as such steps would help in revitalizing the nation’s economy once again.



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