You Can’t Be Our Patron,Assemblies Of God Nigeria Tells Chief Igbenedion


General Council of Assemblies of God Nigeria has described the action of a Suspended,Dismissed and Disfellowship former General Superintendent Rev Paul Emeka where he claimed on Saturday that The ESAMA of BENIN KINGDOM Chief Dr Gabriel Osawaru Igbenedion has been made a Life time Patron of the Church as provocative.

Registered Trustees of th Church declared that there is no Provision in the Constitution and Bye Laws of Assemblies Of God Nigeria that Permits for anyone to be made a Patron, Let alone Life Patron.

The Leadership of the Church declared that Assemblies Of God Nigeria is not  Social Club.

The Church Also stated that those who participated in such a despicable act had since been Suspended and Ex-Communicated .

Rev Paul Emeka who received a Chieftaincy Title in June 2016 in Enugu had since 2014 also been Suspended and Dismissed from Assemblies Of God.


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