Air Force Hits Boko Haram Logistics Base In Sambisa

The fighter aircraft of the Nigerian Air Force have hit
locations and logistics bases of the Boko 
Haram insurgents at the Sambisa

The Director of Information and Public Relations of the NAF,
Group Capt. Ayodele Famuyiwa said, in an e-mail yesterday, that the raids were
carried out in the day and at night with F-7Ni fighter aircraft, Alpha jets and
Mi-25 helicopter gunship.
He said the attack on the locations of the insurgents was
part of the Operation Forest Storm which 
was launched by the NAF on October 2,
2016, to degrade Boko Haram’s capacity.
He said NAF observed, during and after the attacks, that
there was no movement of vehicles by the 
insurgents, which indicated that they
could be running out of logistics.
He added that further investigation conducted by the NAF and
human intelligence revealed that a 
large number of the insurgents were killed
in the air strikes.
He said: “The Nigerian Air Force, in the past one week, has
successfully struck a number of Boko 
Haram terrorist locations, including their
logistics bases within the Sambisa Forest.
“The air interdiction missions were conducted day and night,
using a combination of combat 
platforms comprising F-7Ni fighter aircraft,
Alpha jets and Mi-24V helicopter gunship.
“The latest air strikes against the Boko Haram are fallouts
of Operation Forest Storm launched by the NAF on  October 2, 2016, to further degrade the
capability of the Boko Haram elements within the Sambisa general area in order
to create the enabling environment for own ground forces to continue 
“From intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, it
appears the insurgents are low on logistics, as 
no vehicle was seen moving.

Furthermore, a Battle Damage Assessment showed
that the entire operation was a success, even as human i
ntelligence confirmed
that a number of the insurgents were killed


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