How long should you wait to propose?


Guys, how long must you date before you propose? 4 years? 6?! What is stopping you from taking your relationship to the next level? Is money holding you back from buying a perfect engagement ring? Or the wedding costs and everything your bride will need is too expensive for you? Because let’s face it, the economy is tough and unforgiving right now.

But with affordable and beautiful engagement rings from Bridestead, you can give her what she deserves and so much more! Because Bridestead also stocks the most beautiful wedding dresses and gowns, and offer bridal makeup services. All at affordable prices! 

So not only will you be able to afford an exquisite ring to propose to her, She’ll also get everything she and her train will need for the wedding without having to run from store to store! All because Bridestead is fully prepared to take care of all your wedding needs! And the best part is… it’s all affordable. You don’t have to wait anymore!

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