Only merits will give you chance in the Federation’s elections, says Dalung


Abuja – Solomon Dalung, Minister of Youths and Sports on Saturday in Abuja said only merit will be considered for election into the Sport Federation.

Dalung, while speaking to newsmen, said the elections which were expected to hold after the Olympics have been delayed due to some abnormalities that kept elongating the federation’s tenure.

He also said that his office will not appoint or nominate anybody into positions. “My office will consult with stakeholders and come up with rules that will lead to a credible, acceptable and fair election which will be a great departure from what has been happening in the past. “Nobody who has no business with any federation will find his way into leadership except congress of the federation elects him.

 “I will not appoint anybody, I will not nominate anybody. “Anybody who wants who wants to lead people in sports must follow democratic tenets,’’.

 Dalung, who had earlier declared a state of emergency in the sports sector, said that sports would now be determined by the content of the emergency rule. According to him, the development means that the federations would hold their elections early.



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