Assemblies Of God Crises: Why PUO will not Stop Writing


“Real men are not those who stay Neutral In Times Of Crises”

I will begin this Piece by letting those with the Opinion that PUO was bought over,that i Promise Uzoma Okoro has no Price Tag and Nobody can Buy me Over.

In 2014 the General Commitee of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Suspended Rev Paul Emeka for violating several sections of the Constitution of the Church.

After his Suspension,Rev Paul Emeka refused serving the Suspension,Instead he went to Court claiming his Fundamental Human Rights were breached.

As at 2014 PUO was busy in Abuja and Portharcourt building my Platform in Preparation for 2015 General Elections in Nigeria,so i couldn’t monitor events in the Church.

When i tried to search the Internet in a bid to see the reasons by the Church,i returned with no results,only to be reading all manner of Articles written by One Nathan Udeze,abusing the Leadership and framing up frivolous post in a bid to deceive the General Public.

Bloggers, do not go to the field like Conventional Journalist,we collate materials at the Comfort of our Homes or Offices and Circulate for our Readers to Read,so what i was only seeing on FACEBOOK were the write ups from Loyalist of Rev Paul Emeka.

Since it is my Church and the development was News Worthy,i started making my Stories from what Nathan Udeze and Ramsey Ogagaoghene were posting on FACEBOOK Ofcourse at that time Chinedu Jumbo was no where to be found.

All over the pages of Newspapers,Blogs and Facebook,what was trending was the side of Rev Paul Emeka which he was funding his boys to be Propagating consistently.

Maybe at that time,the Leadership of the Church was yet to come to the reality that we are in the Jet Age,the Popular man of yesterday will have to start again on the New Media else his Popularity will go moribund.

Through the posting of Rev Paul Emeka’s boys,several Pastors,Deacons and Members who were reading those articles within and outside Nigeria were carried away emotionally not knowing that what they were reading were all Lies.

Nobody was bringing out Information from the Church let alone post about the Programmes or activities in Assemblies Of God NIGERIA,this Negatively affected a whole lot of things,particularly non members of the Church started viewing the decision of the Church in Disciplining Rev Emeka as an act of Desperation,not knowing that Assemblies Of God Leadership tried to avert the hammer that befall its Former Leader.

For the Umpteenth Time,i have never met Rev Paul Emeka One on One,nor Discussed with him,neither did i Work no did any work for him,i make bold to say this because Rev Paul Emeka is Online 24hours,he can refute my claim if am Lying.

The Only Thing that got me in Contact with Nathan Udeze and Ramsey Ogagaoghene was around 20th of January 2016 when i was about carrying out Investigations regarding the True position of things in Assemblies Of God Nigeria.

I chatted Udeze one Night to get some Documents regarding the Crises,he directed me to Ramsey who he described to me as their Media Director,when i called Ramsey on Phone same Night and introduced Myself as PUO,he praised my dexterity and doggedness in the Internet,more Importantly my role during the Rivers Guber and Tribunal Days.

Ramsey supplied me vital Documents i needed and my Investigation Started.
One afternoon i received a Message on Facebook after my Ordeal with the DSS in Warri Delta State,this message came from a Rev Minister who prayed for me .

The following Day i made a Publication of what happened in one Church in Umuahia,this same Rev who i will not release his name here called me,saying that what i wrote was not the true picture,after talking to me,i told him i will only listen to him because of his approach to me but am not going to delete the Story because i have not seen a rebuttal,because at this stage any body,bussines or Organisation that ignores the Internet is doing that at their own peril.

I asked that Rev abouts its Media Team,he said they had,then i told him the Team needs to be Reconstituted because the Media Team had failed on its Responsibility,i told him clearly
That my reports were favourable to Rev Paul Emeka doesent mean i was part of his Propaganda Team Before,i was never part of it because his Boys would have been the first to expose me if i was with them before Now,i was only writing from what i was seeing Online.

Last Month a man made all sorts of rubish writes up against me,if not for the Intervention of the Leaders of the Church,i would have let him know that although they say he is into Politics,but PUO is a Political Journalist

Before that January,Rev Paul Emeka had used the Internet to deceive unsuspecting members of Assemblies Of God Nigeria especially those in the Northern Part of Nigeria,but when i decided to stand to defend the Church,the difference became clear.

I am not defending Assemblies Of God Nigeria because of Money,i am defending the Church because of Posterity.

If am to Charge the Church,the least Money would have been N1.5Million Monthly,because that is what is Obtainable as far as New Media Management is Concerned,but Assemblies Of God Nigeria is where i was Born,Dedicated and Baptized as a Member,so why should i be a Blogger commanding thousands of Followers in the Internet,and the Church is looking for someone to help in this Injuriuos Moment.

Paul Emeka has over 30 Propagandist on Facebook both those whose Jobs are only to Abuse people on Comment Box, PUO is just a small thing,but those who look down on the small thing,have a better story to tell.

I will not Stop Writing even if the Crises Ends Today,i will Continue to use my Platform to Promote the activities of Assemblies Of God Nigeria

For those who are asking me to Stop,am given you Two Options,Ignore any of my reports on the Church Issue or Unfriend me on FACEBOOK so that you can Stop seeing them.

Those who know PUO from 2012 knows that what ever i have choosing to PUBLICLY stand with,i will stand by it to the Last,if the thing Fails i Fail with It,if its Succeed i Succeed with It.

I cannot be cowed,whoever that plots my Silence,his head would go down together with Mine.

Promise Uzoma Okoro 12TH December 2016


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