We cannot pay salaries – LG chairman

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The Chairman of Chanchaga Local Government in Niger, Alhaji Yusuf Inuwa has said that the council has no enough money with which to pay the salaries of its workers.

A statement by the council on Tuesday indicated that the local government receives an average of N200m monthly from the Federation Account out of which N112m was for teachers salary.

Inuwa said that the balance was for health workers and general administration.

According to him, there were months in which the allocation was very low as such the council had to seek the support of the state government to pay salaries.

He cited the months of May and June 2016 when the council’s allocation was only N46m and N47m respectively after statutory deductions.

The chairman said money coming from federal allocations to the council and other local government areas in the state “cannot pay off wage bills of the local councils.”

The chairman stressed that Gov. Abubakar Bello had to intervene several times before the councils were able to settle outstanding salaries.

Inuwa advised workers of the local government who have issues with their salaries to lodge a complain with the Accounts Department of the council “to ensure full payment.”


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