How I Acquired University Of Derby Professorial Certificate – Paul Emeka

The Forged Certificate and Rev Paul Emeka

PUO REPORTS Have Exclusively obtained Copies of the Confessional Statements made by a Former General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Rev Paul Emeka on how he acquired a fake Professorial Certificate purportedly from the University Of Derby In London.

The Latest Developement is that the Inspector General Of Police has filed a Four Count of Forgery against him before Justice Peter Afen of Federal Capital City High Court in Abuja.

HERE ARE Paul Emeka’s Confessional Statements on how he got the University Of Derby Professorial Certificate.

“My Name is Rev Paul Emeka ,i was born in Okpuje in Nsukka L.G.A  of Enugu State. I am married with three Children.I am the Former General Superintendent of the Assemblies Of God,Nigeria. I attended St.Peters Primary School,Okpuje,where i obtained First School Leaving Certificate.I attended Commercial Secondary School,Ayangba in Kogi State”.

“The Headquaters of the Assemblies Of God Nigeria is in Enugu at R/8 Ozubulu Street,Independence Layout,Enugu,I was elected General Superintendent of the Church in 2010,these People were elected alongside with me:The Assistant General General Superintendent Rev Chidi Okoroafor,the General Secretary Rev John Ikoni,General Treasurer Rev Vincent Alaje.These Officers are Living in Enugu.

“I do not claim to be a Professor,i am a Professor,after meeting the reqiurment,i was given the Professorship,i was awarded Professorship in Theology by Derbyshire University England. I Have the Certificate which contains the Year,and which i am ready to produce”.

“I wish to state that i was awarded Professorship through one Professor Okoro who said he represented Derbyshire University and Grand finders. I did the requirements by presenting the papers and Books and i was awarded it in August 2005. The Professor Okoro was Living in U.S.A at the time .He came to my office in Enugu where he told me that he represented those bodies showed documents to that effect in the year 2005”.

“Apart from this Certificate,there was no other documents given to me by Derbyshire University or Okoro,since after that transaction,Prof Okoro has located to America with his Family”.

“I wish to state further that i know Prof Okoro.I know his Second Name before,but now i cannot remember it.Prof Okoro was my school mate in Assemblies Of God Divinity School,Umuahia between 1986 and 1989”.

“Before then i had written ,Namely: Encounter in Revelation,Youth Saved To Succeed,How to Study and Pass Examinations.I gave these books to Prof Okoro for assessment,and after then,he brougt to me the Professorial Certificate”

“After receiving the Certificate,i didn’t go further to verify the genuineness of the Certificate.I dint go further to find out if it was this University that issued me the Certificate. All my inquiries were from Okoro who told me that although the University existed in England,it had membership with Grandfinders in its which coordinated the award of Professorship to those who deserve it but did not lecture in Derbyshire. I packaged my previous certificates Such as my Phd from UNN,M.TH from Theological College of Northern Nigeria to Okoro. I did not receive acknowledgement from the University that they had received received it. The Payments i made to Okoro was to cover his running expenses.He did not give me receipts”.

“With the latest findings,I discovered that the Certificate Issued to me through Okoro is not genuine,that the Certificate of Professorship issued to me from Derbyshire University dated August 24,2005 is not genuine”. That is all I Know.

Statement Dated 12th November 2014

Here are the Copies


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