One Month After Supreme Court Victory, Assemblies Of God wax Stronger.

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Exactly this time one month ago, the Supreme Court Presided Over by Justice Mary Odili Dismissed the Appeal Filed by Rev Paul Emeka against Assemblies Of God Nigeria over his Dismissal.

February 24th was the day Light reigned over Forces of darkness led by Rev Paul Emeka, Yakubu Pam among others.

The Judgement of the Supreme Court laid to rest claims by Rev Paul Emeka that he was still incharge of Assemblies Of God Nigeria.

The Supreme Court in its Unanimous Decision read by Justice Kekere Ekun maintained that the position of the General Superintendent Of Assemblies Of God Nigeria is not a Fundamental Human Right thing and hence Assemblies Of God Nigeria was right to Dismiss Paul Emeka from Assemblies Of God Nigeria on the 6th Of March 2014.

The Verdict of the Apex Court has sent a strong warning to other Pastors with the intent of suing the Church to Court for whatever reason, because at the end of the day, the Church will be victorious since  the Court can’t meddle into Church matters.

After his loss at the Supreme Court, Rev Paul Emeka is still deceiving his gullible followers that there is still hope for them, unfortunately both Rev Paul Emeka and his illiterate Followers has lost everything by virtue of the clause “There Shall be no order for cost ” Which was used by the Supreme Court.

Before the Judgement of the Supreme Court, Rev Paul Emeka was occupying the National Secretariat of Assemblies Of God Nigeria in Enugu not until the Supreme Court Judgement went against him.

The Leadership of Assemblies Of God Nigeria is following every laid down legal Procedure to recover it’s Headquarters which is under the Custody of the Nigerian Police Force.

No matter what anybody thinks, Paul Emeka cannot access the National Secretariat Of Assemblies Of God Nigeria.

A Lesson for All

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