Useful tips to make your apartment comfortable

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Useful tips to make your apartment comfortable
In this post we’ll give you some tips on how to make your apartment more comfortable. And if you are looking for a new apartment, visit! Jiji is one of the largest marketplaces in Nigeria! Here you will find a great variety of real estate offers at the lowest prices. Here you are making deals with real people.  

Shower is much more convenient for everyday use than a classical bathtub. But the bathtub increases the attractiveness of the apartment, when you are trying to sell it. Also, it is necessary if you have children. We offer you a compromise: a lower level of the tub. To do this, during the repair you need to position the bath directly on the concrete slab, that is, as low as possible.
Here you need to carefully consider all levels of communications in your house and, more importantly, the level of the entrance to the sewage riser. And, of course, comply with all the nuances of the waterproofing. But if you’re lucky, you get a tub that is easy to step in because the side will be understated on 10-12 cm from the standard level.
Socket with switch
Some of the outlets in the premises can be connected to a standard block of switches by the door. Imagine how useful it is: using an ordinary switch you can turn the lamp or, for example, Christmas garland, inserted into specially marked wall socket.
This method gives you amazing flexibility in the choice of lighting scenarios, and in combination with master switch, which makes life even more comfortable. For a large living room, it makes sense to provide several paths of such outlets, so you can choose which of the torchiere lamps you want to switch one way or another.
We do not know who invented the standard height for a kitchen. But in different countries it is different. We recommend you to make a kitchen countertop at the level of 90-94 centimeters from the floor, this will win a little bit of space, which is important for small premises. This way, you will be able to place a drawer with kitchenware over an oven, and each drawer can be almost 10 cm bigger.
If you are lucky enough and you have a beautiful view in your bedroom — take an action! Try to find or order a bed and a mattress as high as possible: even 10 centimeters in height can dramatically change the feeling.
In some cases, when the bedroom has a balcony or a loggia, we even slightly reduce the block, so that nothing prevents you from admiring the scenery outside the window. And the higher the bed is, the more additional storage locations can be organized.

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