Nigerians mock Senate as Dino Melaye wears academic gown to plenary

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In reaction to the confirmation by the Ahmadu Bello University’s authorities on Monday that Senator Dino Melaye was a student ofthe institution and graduated in 2000 with a Third Class, Bachelor of Arts in Geography, he stormed plenary on Tuesday in an academic gown . See the reactions:
  1. Conitnu • 2 minutes ago I pity his senatorial zone. They are suffering from Buhari’s change, there governor is not doing well and now Dino poured more salt to there wound. chai
  2. Babanla • 4 minutes ago Need I say it again that our senators are grossly unemployed? Of what use is Dino’s donning of an academic gown to the floors of the senate? In the first place, academic gowns are owned by Institutions not an individual. It is obvious therefore that Dino sowed this one in Wuse market in Abuja or probably the VC parceled it along as part of his defense before the senate. Shame to Nigerian type of democracy that celebrates impunity, corruption and all forms of lawlessness.
  3. Höly Wähala • 14 minutes ago§3rd. Class Clown… Hahaha chai, LoL!
    Sen. Dino Melaye certainly deserves his victory lap after that body-slam he gave to his ditractors and hired character assassins… I expected him to rob it in and make rounds giving hi-fives to his numerous co-criminals. Dino is a bona fide clown the mob couldn’t lynch so it’s alright if he parades his gown before the red floors. If I read his reasoning right, I’m equally sure he asked that VC to bring him the clown he’s now parading about in as a lowlife who managed to graduate from university. Dino Melaye is comical relief… lol!
  4. TDaniels2 • 19 minutes agoAcademic gown sown by a tailor under the bridge. It proves nothing. Those who graduated with proper degrees don’t need to wear or parade themselves in academic gowns to prove their educated minds. Dino’s display is not only laughable but unfortunate for the senate. This is the mental capability of those who desire to rule over lives of Nigeria! What a shame!
  5. Jebayo Bam-Bam • an hour agoSee level of ‘EDUcation’ in Nigeria. ABU Alumnus… Hope you still believe that education is light? This is all Nigerian University can offer. Like the popular ponzi scheme’s common slogan ‘Together we CHANGE the world’, here in our clime Malaiye + ABU & Saraki will do us the Changeey we need
  6. jaybee • an hour agoThis guy called melaye act like a thug. If ppl like him continues to represent us I don’t think our beloved country will ever get better. A fully grown up grandpa acting and mocking his perceived enemies like a kid doing hoobi. As a grown up, there are better and matured ways of rubbishing your enemies. Our national assembly seems to me to be a playground for the senators.
  7. Ölufemi • an hour agoHe likes to be noticed, to hear himself speak, to be at the centre of everyone’s attention. That in itself is not totally a bad thing, only if one is not exhuding arrogance or vainglory. At the end of the day, there is always plenty of wisdom in silence. Knowing when to retreat, when to take the backseat, when to be the one who is attentive rather than being the attention seeker. Knowing when the show should come to an end else one ends up making a fool of himself and boring his audience. it becomes the case of an empty vessel making the loudest noise.
  8. The Rt. or Lft. Hon NinjaK • 41 minutes agoAbeg make nobody “beef” Dino – na im time.
    Blame Sahara Reporter/Sowore for bringing Dino again into a limelight he has always coveted.
    PS – Sowore abeg try to get yo N5bn ready o. And if Dino hand touch N5bn, we are all in Nigerian soup! He will even import 200 customised Keke Napep sef!!!
  9. staaaaaaaaaaa The Rt. or Lft. Hon NinjaK • 10 minutes agobe fooling yourselves. Just wait let the court proceeding starts. This Dino guy is simply shameless. He said on camera he is a graduate of two institutions abroad, and both disclaimed him immediately; he didn’t say anything about that. Now the list of graduands for that year he is claiming also did not contain his name; and every academic officer in his department is simply denying that he is their graduate. let us wait and see as things work itself out.
  10. @Sumner_Sambo this is how low @NGRSenate can be, what do u expect from a body whose members are mostly miscreants and thugs #shame #Nigeria
  11. @Sumner_Sambo This guy is supposedly a lawmaker. Yet @dino_melaye shows he lacks capacity for quality thinking…what a shame!
  12. @Sumner_Sambo @remylees Can anything good come out of the 8th NASS?Saw @dino_melaye on a macabre dance and cried for our generation sadly.

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