CAN to Buhari: Look inward in fighting corruption


Ayokunle accuses government of insincerity over Southern Kaduna killings
President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, (CAN), Rev. Samson Ayokunle, on Friday advised President Muhammadu Buhari to extend the fight against corruption to those around him to avoid been partial.

Ayokunle said the government should also show sincerity in strengthening the local currency so that: “the siege of economic hardship that has almost crippled the lives of Nigerians and increased the rates of suicide might be lifted. Salaries owed the workers all over the nation must be paid without delay. My Bible says that the wages of the workers must not be delayed overnight.”

The CAN boss who is also the President of the Nigerian Baptist Convention (NBC), spoke in Abuja at the 104thAnnual session of the NBC.

The theme of the session: ‘moving forward, overcoming the challenges of life through Jesus Christ will hold Saturday 22nd to 27th.

His words: “Government should be more broad-minded on the issue of the fight against corruption because corruption in Nigeria was not restricted to any particular political party or any religion.

“As President Muhammadu Buhari is outward looking he must be inward looking because the church is against corruption and like the former president of Gambia said, let us chase out corruption like mosquitoes. Let us chase corruption out of our country.

“Government should know that they are not dealing with infants. The people that elected them into office have the right to call them to order and call them to account for all their actions. The executive, legislative and Judiciary are not immune from our questioning and we need to audit them.

“They are responsible by law to all of us either we are at the religious section or circular. Nigeria belongs to all of us and Government must act with transparency and fairness. Otherwise, it will be to your tent oh Israel.

“All must be done in political appointments and in the conduct of government business to reflect Federal Character not only on ethnicity but equally ensuring religious balance. The suspicious of favouritism by the government of one religious group to the detriment of others must be avoided. The more government adheres to these admonitions, the more coherent we would be as people and the greater the peace and development.”

Ayokunle expressed sadness over the recent alleged killing of 13 people by the Fulani herdsman in Southern Kaduna adding that government has not been able to act decisively on the issue of the killings.

He accused the Federal Government of not being in control of the situation.

His words: “When there was a clash between the indigenes of lle-Ife and the settlers there, the northerners; immediately that happened government was so swift and active to arrest suspects but the same government with all the same state apparatus have not been able to act decisively on the issue of southern Kaduna.

“When the Federal Government was sometimes accused, it was saying that they were liaising with the governor of Kaduna State, he was the one briefing the president but why didn’t they liaise with the governor of Osun State so that actions might be delayed as it is delayed in the case of Southern Kaduna?

“All partial alibi or actions that were delayed trying to satisfy him, it is an unnecessary defence mechanism which the government must avoid.  Act with sincerity so that all might know that there is justice and fair play. It is in that way that all of us as Nigerians can do a successful pilgrimage together as a nation.

“Just in February this year, the United States House of Representatives cited Nigeria as the most dangerous place for Christians in the world. Certainly, this is a most unpleasant classification for a country that is a democracy and the giant of Africa. What type of giant are we? It is a classification that should not make patriotic Nigerians glad in a country where the population is roughly divided equally between Islam and Christianity. It is essential for the Federal Government in whose care instruments of cohesion lie to quickly remedy this situation. We appeal to the government to desist from giving excuses anymore why the killings are still occurring, we want an end to be put to the killings henceforth. Enough is enough.”

Ayokunle commended the Federal Government for waging war against Boko Haram sect and for sustaining it and that: “we equally salute the courage of our gallant military and we shall continue to pray for them over this good work of defending the people on this matter.

“Equally, the release of the 21 of the several Chibok girls kidnapped three years ago is commendable but more efforts are solicited for the release of the rest before their lives are completely ruined for no sin of theirs.”



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