Paul Emeka Should be Committed to Prison Now


It baffles me that Politicians go to Supreme Court and if they loose,they accept the Court Decision.

For Paul Emeka a Former General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria he must challeng the powers that be in Nigeria.

If not because PRESS MEN were in Court to witness the Judgement of the Supreme Court in the Assemblies Of God Case,Paul Emeka would have turned it Upside Down with Lies.

24Hours after Supreme Court Judgement,he held a PRESS Conference and boasted that he was still General Superintendent and his foolish followers clapped for him.

But after the Recovery of the National Secretariat of Assemblies Of God Nigeria,most of them went into hiding in Shame.

It is a Contempt of Court and an affront to the Supreme Court for Paul Emeka to still be collecting Monthly account from Churches that were loyal to him before the Supreme Court Judgment.

Am calling on the Leadership of Assemblies Of God Nigeria to take a step and put Paul Emeka where he belongs.

Enough is Enough


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