How Assemblies Of God Lifted Suspension Meted Against EX-Youth Director Rev Nathan Udeze



The Leadership of Assemblies Of God Nigeria yesterday Demostrated Forgiveness as the 3Year and 7 Months Suspension meted against Rev Nathan Udeze,Former National Youth Director of Assemblies Of God Nigeria was lifted.

Udeze viewed as Former Second in Command In the  Camp of Rev Paul Emeka,former General Superintendent Assemblies Of God Nigeria who led rebellion against the Church,embraced the “generous” Olive branch offered by Assemblies Of God Nigeria shortly after the February 24th 2017 Judgement of the Supreme Court in the Leadership tussle that rocked Assemblies Of God Nigeria.

Rev Nathan Udeze had on Tuesday 3rd October 2017 met with officers of Assemblies Of God Nigeria where he regretted his actions and apologized to the Leadership and Members of the Church.

The Executive Committee of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Represented by the General Council Officers: Rev Pst Ejikeme Ejim Assistant General Superintendent,Rev Dr Godwin Amaowoh General Secretary and Rev Dr Vincent Alaje General Treasurer held a Special Service tagged”Returnees Day” at Assemblies Of God Church No 27 Mount Street Awkananaw Enugu Nigeria,a Church that Rev Udeze violently took over in 2014.

Speaking on why the General Council Officers came to the Church Yesterday,Assistant General Superintendent Rev Pst Ejikeme said the officers standing on behalf of the General Superintendent Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor,the Executive Committee,General Committee and the entire General Council came for a Special Service in the Church.

“We are here Representing the General Superintendent Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor,We are here Representing the Executive Committee,we are also here Representing the General Committee,and we are also here Representing the entire General Council of Assemblies Of God Nigeria”

“Brethren has come from over Ten District on the account of this Special Service,our GS would have been here,but because he has an appointment,in a nutshell that’s why he is not here”

“Our being here is Reflected on Facebook,its reflected through text messages,some of our brethren has been advising the Leaders on what to do,some of them had spoke in anger,some of them want Eye for eye,I very much wish that the General Superintendent was here”

“While Praying I said Father,this is the most Difficult task I have had because am Representing the entire General Council,Someone phoned me last Night and Said”Nnanyikwu,you people should not do Church Church”

Speaking from the Book of Mathew 16:18,Rev Ejikeme Ejim took the Church down to memory lane about the  story of Joseph,who despite what he passed through in the hand of his Brothers,forgave them.

The Assistant General Superintendent urged the Congregation to have a Forgiven Spirit no matter the Circumstance

“Our Church has been under attack in the Past 3years and 7Months,since January 2011,the gate of hell had been attacking Assemblies Of God Nigeria,but on the 6th of March 2014,the Devil unleashed its Weapons.The name of the Lord had become a laughing Stock,sometimes when you go out to Preach,people will ask you,are you people still in Court?.

“The Gospel of Jesus Christ Suffered,the name of Assemblies Of God Nigeria suffered.We Didn’t go to Court,we were dragged to Court and when someone drag you to Court,you have to appear and Defend Yourself” the AGS Said.

Rev Nathan in his Speech said he had commited several damages against the Church,but asked that Assemblies Of God Nigeria forgive him

“The Devil Used me to harm this Church,and from my Heart,I am Sorry,I want to beg our fathers,am Sorry,if not for this man,there wont be crises”

“ Emeka was not planning to do anyother thing,I instigated him,that’s why I did not need anybody to bring me here,if I could allow the devil to use me,I must now allow God to use me to start a New Process”

The General Treasurer Assemblies Of God Nigeria Rev Dr Vincent Alaje prayed for Rev Nathan Udeze and Wife and Subsequently “Lifted” the Suspension and Restored him back to the Assemblies Of God Nigeria Family.

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