Paul Emeka Manipulated Our Minds Through 48Laws Of Power -Nathan Udeze


All may not have been herd of how a Former General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Rev Dr Paul Emeka brainwashed some Youthful Ministers into joining forces with him to fight Assemblies Of God Nigeria,as his former ally Rev Nathan Udeze has made more revelation on how Rev Paul Emeka Manipulated their minds through the Book the 48Laws of Power.

According to Rev Nathan Udeze,the Book The 48 Laws of Power (1998)  by American author Robert Greene is the daily guide manual used by Paul Emeka in activating attacks on the Leadership of Assemblies Of God Nigeria.


In the words pf Udeze”This book stirs up the influence of demonic powers yet most unfortunately someone(Paul Emeka) believes it is as good as the Bible and reads it every morning as part of his devotion.

Udeze questioned why would one in the name of trying to make a name and build a new cause insist on a clearly known lies for nearly four years without thinking of heaven and souls involved?

“He is still insisting that the crisis is about March 6th while we now know that it was about a deadlock in the table of the EC where he singlehandedly refused to abide by our democratic rules and process”.

“He equally refused to call a General Committee to resolve the tension between him and the EC because he believes that the General Committee will disrupt his new order agenda. How can one be in system where he has lost the cooperation and support of the whole leadership of the organization he belongs to but he is still insisting that he must lead them because some little confused boys believe that he represents a new order, a new opportunity, their ladder for relevance and upliftment in the ministry?.

The Former Youth Director of Assemblies Of God Nigeria said Paul Emeka’s Principle was to first Destroy the Ministry of the Youths Pastor in pretence of giving them False Hope.

“For them to rise, they have to first of all destroy their own ministry believing that he will do some magic and restore it back again when the new order they are championing triumph. With tears I write, where is the place of meekness of heart in all these? Is this the heart that made moses the meekest man? Is this the heart that made Jesus meek and lonely? Is this heart of chatting lies, division and ego the heart that Jesus said,”the meek shall inherit the earth?”.

“Check all the people with this man, they are Unknown before this crisis and those known where not outstanding in anything, this was their opportunity to become! That’s it, opportunity! And according to 48laws of power which says give them hope, let them believe that through you they would become. Israel thought so of Jesus and when he died,many of them were disenchanted and devastated because they thought he was the new order, the new hope, yes he was but not in the sense they thought it. For Jesus, “my kingdom is not of this earth”. If anyone is an honest leader, you will know that one day of serving as a leader in any capacity peacefully is far greater than 100 years of leadership in crisis”

Udeze said Paul Emeka’s activities with the 48Laws of Power were demonic and unfortunate

“The joy of leadership is that God gave you the opportunity to serve, no matter the length of time. One year of divine backed leadership, can outshine 50 years of self made leadership. My question is, since nearly four years of fighting against 85% of the church in order to rule them by force through 15% of the church with him what have he achieved? Nothing but telling of lies and more lies. Recruiting of vulnerable and innocent people, and giving them false hope of becoming what they would never become. This is demonic evil and unfortunate life of a leader who made 48laws of power his number one book”.


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