FG Lauded Over Nuclear Power Agreement With Russia



FORMER Director General, Energy Commission of Nigeria, Professor Abubakar Sambo, yesterday, commended the Federal Government over the recent agreement between Nigeria and a Russian company to build two nuclear plants in Nigeria to generate electricity. President Muhammadu Buhari signing a document Delivering a lecture titled, ‘’Electric cars and the Nigerian economy’’ at an event to mark former Vice Chancellor of the University of Benin, Professor Emmanuel Nwanze’s 30 years as a professor, he  said the heat generated from one kilogramme of uranium is almost 1,000 times the heat content of hydrogen. The event was held at the Akin Deko Hall of the University of Benin. Prof. Nwanze on his part, said his 30 years as a professor have been eventful adding that his research since joining the university in 1976 has been on lipid biochemistry in health and disease. “I have the tremendous privilege of collaborating with some of the most pleasant human beings in my researches, be they my students in their post graduate programmes or research associates in the University of Benin, Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden and University of Milan, Italy.” While commending the Federal Government for its decision , Prof, Sambo said however that there was still much to be done in the area of transmission just as he suggested that distribution companies should be allowed to operate embedded power generation which they would sell directly to consumers. “In terms of resources for power generation, solar is the largest, followed by wind, followed by oil and gas followed by bio-gas and bio-fuel. Hydro is highly limited but we can tap 80 per cent of it and we will still need more. That is why I believe uranium is good deal for electricity generation, a nuclear power is a better option for us.”




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