Abia: Ikpeazu, Adaelu and 2019 Ebere Uzoukwa


I am not a fan of Hon. Solomon Adaelu. I can’t sing his praises even if he purchases the entire caterpillars in the Nigerian earthmoving equipment market. Why? His uninspiring arrogance and pomposity!

But, Sloddy, as popularly called by those that like him, remains one of the Abia young political strategists to watch closely as we approach 2019. His rumoured but substantively confirmed plans to dump PDP for APC didn’t surprise many including myself.

His relationship with his brother and Governor of Abia State, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, since both were elected on the same political platform of the PDP had earlier suggested such political migration by the young lawmaker representing Obingwa/Osisioma/Ugwunabo Federal Constituency in the National Assembly.

I was reliably told the Governor is not carrying him along. I also have a version that suggests that Sloddy has not shown substantive supportive to his brother Governor. Both narrative are not farfetched if the matter is objectively investigated.

However, Dr. Ikpeazu, I know, will not opt to operate without Sloddy. The young lawmaker, on the other hand, will also not dare the consequences of working against a Governor, whom he represents, that is also of same political party. The problem is that there are some destructive elements and political scavengers that are deeply seated between the duo.

Investigation, however, revealed that some of our brothers whose destructive activities will snowball into a huge political disaster in Ukwa-Ngwa and Abia come 2019, are responsible for the political faceoff between Ikpeazu and Sloddy.

Let me posit without sounding ambiguous that these political hawks have succeeded in destroying Sloddy and further convinced Ikpeazu to believe that Sloddy is working against his government and reelection. Upon realizing that Ikpeazu had succumbed to their claims, Sloddy being a smart guy, quickly marshalled out an unexpected political plans that clearly collide with Ikpeazu’s 2019 political project.

Today, everywhere is shaking in Abia simply because Sloddy is likely to resign from the PDP, decamp to APC and possibly contest the governorship of Abia State in 2019. The Governor on his own is equally rattled and confused as he can’t explain where Sloddy is coming from.

My dear friends, recall that I had on this platform cried loudly over certain developments orchestrated by some inconsequential individuals that surround our brother and Governor of Abia State, Dr. Ikpeazu. They have ruined both the Governor and his Government.

These fellows have criminally enriched themselves at the expenses of their principal and the state. They obviously lack respect and decorum. They have virtually insulted every Ukwa Ngwa that detests their style. They roundly hijacked the Governor and criminally call the shorts. They decide almost that happens in the government of Abia today. Unfortunately, this tiny cabal of scavengers are my brothers from Obingwa and Osisioma. They are untouchable and dreaded. They are worshipped by political hangers on who receive crumbs in returns. In fact, the Governor, sometimes, exhibits fears and speechless so far as the activities of this cabal is concerned. If properly profiled financially, one or two of them may be richer than the Governor himself. I stand to be corrected.

Unfortunately, these politically inconsequential brothers, are largely responsible for mountains of political and administrative problems that have started hunting the Governor. Unfortunately again, the Governor is afraid of relieving them because they have all his secrets intact.

Back to Sloddy, I only like your sagacity and ability to show signs that may change Abia political landscape in 2019. Your courage is admiring. But, you must also apply caution so that 2019 will not swallow you and your ambition. Remember, the PDP Reps ticket that ‘catalpolted’ you to Abuja was a mere compensation to your father and our Leader, Elder Emmanuel Adaelu, for his enviable contributions towards actualization of Ngwa Governorship and overall political advancement in Ukwa-Ngwa.

That you were not challenged in 2015 should not influence your political calculations and permutation. Please, my brother Sloddy, examine yourself objectively and know if you have what it takes to change the paradigm in Abia. Yes, you are qualified eminently, but the question remains, do you have the qualities to move Abia beyond where it is today under Dr. Ikpeazu?

Shoddy, my dear brother, go back to the political drawing board and come out with something different and realizable in 2019. Though you may not have my support this time around, some people from our constituency and beyond, still love you and willing to show same again. I supported you in 2015 and a little trial made me develop another impression about you.

For Dr. Ikpeazu, shine your eyes sir. There is fire on the mountain. May God bless you all.

Ebere Uzoukwa writes from Amaise Umuokereke-Ngwa, Obingwa, Abia State.


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