NUT warns El-Rufai not to sack teachers


The Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) in Kaduna State has said it will go on strike, if Governor Nasir El-Rufai sacked 21,780 teachers.

The union gave the governor a two-week ultimatum to rescind his decision or face an indefinite strike.

NUT, at a news conference yesterday, said El-Rufai “shifted the goal-post in the middle of the game”.

The Chairman, Comrade Audu Titus Amba, who read their letter to El-Rufai, said the pass mark for the competency test was pegged at 60 per cent, while those who score below this would be retrained.

The letter, signed by the Assistant Secretary General, Comrade Adamu Ango, reads: “…that, the NUT, Kaduna State, as a responsible stakeholder in the education sector, though aware of the position of the law as it relates to the body empowered to regulate the teaching profession, cooperated with the Kaduna State government, under the mistaken belief that the government’s intention was altruistic, and aimed at enhancing the state.

“However, with the benefit of hindsight, we now know better.

“…that it was agreed by stakeholders that the pass mark be pegged at 60 per cent, while those who score below this be retrained.

“However, in a display of bad faith, the government arbitrarily pegged the pass mark at an unprecedented 75 per cent.

“Your Excellency, while hosting a delegation of World Bank officials, you announced that 21,780 teachers will be disengaged for not scoring up to 75 per cent in the competency test, while 25,000 will be recruited in their stead.

“…that the NUT wrote an appeal letter to you, to rescind your decision, but you ignored us, and imposed your will against the consensus of bonafide stakeholders.

“The NUT subsequently decided to approach the National Industrial Court to adjudicate on the issue.

“However, contrary to all standards of decency in a democratic setting, and despite the service of court process on the government, you published a list of teachers who purportedly passed the competency test.

“All the above leaves the NUT with no option than to serve the instant notice in compliance with the wishes of its members, expressed at the meeting of the state wing executive council held on November 6.”





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