Assemblies Of God Moves To Eject Paul Emeka from GS Quaters in Enugu

Paul Emeka

The Leadership of Assemblies Of God Nigeria has vowed to eject  a Former General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Rev Paul Emeka from No 8 Link Road Independence Layout Enugu,the Official Quarters of the General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria.

Paul Emeka had before the Supreme Court Judgement on February 24th 2017 occupied Official Quaters of the General Superintendent boasting that nobody can remove him from the residence of the GS.

But according to the General Secretary of the Church Rev Dr Godwin Amowoh the Church Leaders are now ready to take over their Property.

“The Church is not unaware that he is still occupying its properties, even after the apex court in the order has given judgment to the contrary. May we, therefore, inform him that time had come for him to be thrown out of the Church’s official quarters. He may have to find elsewhere, from where he will continue with his illegality.

“While we advise him to wake-up from his dream and unrealistic ambition, we warn him that the Church will no longer fold its arms and watch its name being dragged to the mud. What he is undertaking presently is a gun-point ambition. He should pack his bags and baggages and get ready to vacate our property”


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