The Move By Abia Polytechnic Rector Prof Ebo -Editors Note


I totally Support the move by the Rector of Abia State Polytechnic Aba Prof Ezionye Eboh to Dis-engage Some Staff of the School who are not Qualified in the First Place to be employed there and Secondly that Institution Workforce is higher than the Capicity.

How do you Recocile the fact that Abia State Polytechnic that has Two Security Gates and well Fenced has 86 Security Personnel in its Payroll.

How can you also Reconcile the fact that Abia Poly has More than 55 Medical Doctors and Over 100 Nurses in its Payroll and the Question is what are the Doctors Doing .

Abia Poly has in its Payroll more than 100 Staff Working in its University Canteen and you wonder what manner of Food they cook in the Institution.

Some Lecturers in Abia Poly has no other Option than to Demand for Sorting and Sexually Harassing Female Students because of non payment of Salaries.

I wish the Government Support the Rector on This,Time for Sentimental Politics is Over.

From the Desk of the Editor In Chief PUO REPORTS Mr Promise Uzoma Okoro