Lauretta Onochie Is Not Fit For Her Office, Young Professionals Insist


The United Young Professionals has maintained her stand that the Special Assistant to the President on Social Media, Lauretta Onochie must be relieved of her position by President Muhammadu Buhari.

In a reaction to Onochie’s response to their earlier call for her sack, the National Coordinator of United Young Professionals, Adewole Kehinde said it is unfortunate that Onochie could reasoning like a despicable person by saying our well respected professional body; which is far than the office she is occupying, is a “group as jobbers, who want easy money”.

“Onochie’s reaction has shown that she must have been paying people to do her job for her as she doesn’t even look like someone who understands the nature of her job than to insult reasonable people thereby tarnishing the image of her employer; President Buhari, Adewole said.

“We once again publish the Nigeria Police Budget in relations to her fabricated post on the social media to enlighten her ignorance;

In 2015, Police Capital Budget Proposal was N345,756,469,886, Capital Appropriation was N17,800,000,000 but Amount Released & Cash-backed was N8,900,000,000 but Balance Not Released was N8,900,000,000. Also in 2016, Police Capital Budget Proposal was N331,000,000,000, Capital Appropriation was N16,107,272,000 but Amount Released & Cash-backed was N10,026,818,000 but Balance Not Released was N6,080,454,000

“Also on the Overhead Cost Allocations; In 2015, Police Overhead Proposal N71, 894,140,124 while Overhead Cost Allocation N5,895,797,734 but Amount Released N4,838,790,846 while the Balance Not Released 1,057,006,888.00. In 2016, Police Overhead Proposal N90,645,426,172 while Overhead Cost Allocation N9,250,565,307 but Amount Released was N6,369,343,519.18 while the Balance Not Released N2,881,221,787.82

“Total amount required for Local travels and transport annually in 2016 is N200 Billion but ONLY N368 Million was released. In the 2017 Appropriation, a budget of N411,000,000 is made for Local Travels & Transport nationwide. This translates to an average of N58,714 annually to each of the 7,000 locations or just N4,893 monthly per formation. The implication of this is that Police officers on official assignments are not paid their duty tour allowances thereby making the Police to fall back on the state governments to offset some of these allowances.

We call on Onochie, pending when she remained in office to always do the right thing and stop sabotaging the Government feeding her entire household, Adewole concluded.


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