Saddam’s Eldest Daughter Declared Ll In Iraq


Iraqi security agents have declared of 60 people wanted on suspicion of belonging to terror groups.

Raghad, the eldest daughter of deposed leader, Saddam Hussein, was among the 60 people declared wanted allegedly belonging to the Islamic State group, al-Qaeda or the al-Baath Party.

However, the woman told Saudi-owned Al Arabiya TV channel in a telephone interview she would confront those who “insult her” by filing a suit against them.

Raghad fled to Jordan along with her sister, Rana, and their children in July 2003.

Since 2006, she has been on the list which the new Iraqi government is seeking to prosecute for supporting violence.

However, the Jordanian government has turned down the request by Iraq to hand over Raghad, insisting that to do so would violate Arab traditions of hospitality.

Source:The Nation


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