“You Went to Court and Lost Woefully” Barr Chika Igbokwe Tells Paul Emeka


The Head of the Legal Unit of the General Council of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Barr Chima Igbokwe has Paul Emeka to seek advise from his Lawyers if indeed he has One.

Barr Igbokwe who was reacting to a Purported Petition written against him by a New Legal Recruit of Paul Emeka of knowingly misquoting the content of a Supreme Court Decision in the case of Rev. Prof. Paul Emeka vs. Rev. Dr. Chidi
Okoroafor and 18 Others (2017) 11 NWLR (PT. 1577) 410.

But Barr. Igbokwe said Rev. Emeka had lost.

According to him, “Paul Emeka went to court and lost and lost woefully. If they wrote to the Bar Association, the Bar will call me
and will show me their petition.

“If they wrote to federal Attorney General, I am not responsible to the federal Attorney General. I am only
responsible to the Bar Association.

“I don’t work for government, I work for myself. People should wake up. People should clean their head. Please tell them if they have lawyers
working for them, they should educate them.

“Who is Paul Emeka? He has been driven out. We sent him out of the church; so, what he is going about doing will not help him,” Igbokwe Said.


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