A Cheering GoodNews by Chidi Okoroafor

Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor,General Superintendent,Assemblies of God Nigeria

I greet you refreshingly.  Good news! Good news!!! Good news!!! Refreshing good news this first day of April 2018.

A cheering good news,  relieving news. Peculiar news since the creation of the universe.  Our Lord Jesus Christ is RISEN.

HE is no more in the grave. He is no more there.  Wow!!! The Master of  masters,  The King of Kings and Lord of Lords is no more in the grave.  HE IS RISEN.  What a good coincidence,  this first day of the fourth month in the year 2018 being celebrated as Easter Sunday morning. Wow!!

Congratulations,  because He is RISEN,  He is no more in the grave, there are historical evidences that He is no more in the grave,  because of this,  because the Master is Risen,  the devil can no longer keep you in the bondage of Sin,  bondage of Sickness,  Satanic operation and hopelessness.

Even if anything happens to you and you die there is this hope that one day because He rose from the dead, those who believe in him will one day rise and meet Him in that international,  inter continental,  inter – dispensational rally to be preside over by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Because he is no more in the grave you can face this Month and this year Victoriously ,Remember that others die,other Religious founders  died,and up till today they are still in the Grave,they did not Rise.Your Circumstance will no
Longer be in the Grave.

I want to   admonish you this day,don’t be afraid,move ahead  the person you are following is no more in the Grave,proclaim the news,go ahead Do no be afraid of the Devil Jesus is no more in the Grave.He is alive and because of that you shall come  Alive Spiritually,You shall come  alive Physically You shall come Alive Materially,i bless you this Month.

I bless You this Day.

This particular Month shall be peculiar in the History of your Life,you shall not be swallowed be your Circumstance because the grave could not swallow your Master.

God bless You,We love you.

Wow what a Great Month,What a Great Month,Month of Multiple Testimonies.

I am your Brother Chidi Okoroafor,General Superintendent Assemblies Of God Nigeria.

We love You,God bless.


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