BURSTED: Nigerian Man Makes Fake Kidney Failure Claims


A Nigerian man Prince Gwamnishi Harrison.  has been BURSTED for making a claim on his Facebook wall of. Having a Kidney Failure Problems.

He has collected monies from People until it was discovered he was using the means to Dupe People.

Read Below Revelations.

Good Afternoon Friends and family! This is to inform you all that donated money for Prince Gwamnishu Harrison acclaimed kidney transplant to show prove of payment and provide account details for a refund of the money, Prince Gwamnishu Harrison will never defraud the public through me NEVER.

i woke up in the morning of March 30th and got a tagged message from Prince Gwamnishu Harrison that he has kidney problem and will be going for a transplant in India, on that post he specified that he need 7 million for a kidney transplant in India, after i red the tagged post, i called him but he didnt pick up, after few hours Prince Gwamnishu Harrison called me back and i told him i was tagged on a post that he had kidney problem, how come, when, how? he said he has been managing it for some months now till 2 days before that day when it became worst, that when i called him he was on dialysis and couldnt pick up my calls thats why he called back..

i felt for him bcos i have seen pple with kidney issues, i told him i decided to cal to know if his account was hacked he said its real that i should check his updates in the hospital, this made me to copy his post and repost on my page and also made a video soliciting for public assistance. i also gave him suggestions that there is no need of going to india, Abia state university teaching hospital is doing transplanting, Garki hospital is also doing it and also in enugu, then he told me that he want to go to Garki hospital where Oge stella is been admitted, this made me to decide going to Abuja to enable me see him my self and also witness his condition.

But to my surprise i arrived Abuja and put a call to him for directions to the hospital, he replied that he has left Abuja, I asked how and why, when we already fixed an appointment, he said he went to a man of God in Abuja for some prayers and the man of God assured him that he will be fin so no need for him to see the doctors again so he have to go back.

As i returned from Abuja, i called him to know his situation, Prince told me that he want to fly to kenya for treatment, that he contacted a Kenyan Hospital and they re the best for kidney treatment, i asked why did u then left abuja? he said he need the best for his health, i now asked him to publish his health result so that others will see and confirm, since friday till date Prince Gwamnishu Harrison is yet to provide his medical report or to make it public, on a private chart this morning he boldly told me that he will make an update on his health that No one will force him to do anything. Based on this, i can say boldly that prince raised a false kidney alarm to defraud the public, if its not fraud, it will never take prince 2 hours to provide his health result. i noticed this afternoon that prince has deleted all the post he made requesting for funds to do kidney transplant, prince also deleted the video he posted crying asking for help, which means it was a big FRAUD from self acclaimed Human right. I call on you publicly because i also made a public request to raise fund for you thinking you re whom you said you are.. every money paid into Zenith Bank Account number 2089435641, account name: Gwamnishu Harrison Emefiena to be returned within 48 hours from now.

Please if you had made any donation to prince through my video or post, do let me know the amount and prove of payment, your money will be back to you, I owe to protect my trusted friends and i promised not to betray you in anyway.

Yours sncerely
Hallmark Chibuzor Paul


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