See the University Professor Who Demanded to have Sex Five Times with Female Student




You must have heard about the conversation between OAU accounting lecturer Prof. Rev. Akindele Richard and a girl he wanted to have sex with five-times before passing her, that is circulating on the social media.

This is what one other lady that he lectured had to say about him; “I am so happy, his day of reckoning has come… He was my lecturer. He gave my friend 47 and asked her to sleep with him, she refused and told him she was married, he said its the married ladies he prefer because they are more matured and sensible.That was how she failed an A course.”

This is a man that goes with the prefix Professor, Rev., who is going around taking advantage over the years of little girls he’s supposed to father and mentor.

It’s not everyday and every time we point accusing fingers towards the politicians as if they’re the only corrupt people in our society. This type of attitude from someone that is supposed to be the mirror of social etiquette, is more damaging and dangerous than stealing money.

Who knows how many quark doctors, lab scientist, pharmacist etc that cheap characters like him has slept with and pass them through. Who are out there in our society destroying lives. A lot of wrong lab report, prescriptions of wrong drugs and treating different ills instead of the actual, that led to the death of many are as a result of this.

It’s low minded professors like Akindele Richard that are making it difficult for some foreign organizations to reject our graduates, and insist they go back to school.

Prof. Rev. Akindele Richard may have become an escape goat, but this is a common practice among our university lecturers all across the country. So, let’s not jeopardize the issue at stake by turning it to a Yoruba thing.

Crime knows no race or ethnicity. What Prof. Rev. Richard committed was a crime, a crime against humanity, crime against women. Let’s focus on that and make sure he’s punished as we call on our educational authorities to take steps towards towards protecting our young girls. Moreover, lecturers from all across the ethnic and religious bend, are into it.

As we can see, our young girls that we send to school are vulnerable to being taken advantage of. Any society that cannot protect her daughters, mothers and sisters is a lost society. It’s presents virtually every man in that society as cowards. And, on this issue, that’s what we Nigerian men has been.

Prof. Rev. Akindele Richard is a serious indictment on all lecturers in Nigeria. If with his prefix of Prof. Rev., he can condescend so low to go, not just for young girls, but married women, then, it means that he doesn’t see anything wrong in his crude, uncivilized attitude. This is a professional rape and nothing more. He took advantage of helpless young girls to have sex with them.

Yes! Point your fingers at Prof. Rev. Akindele Richard today, because he has been caught. But, the truth remains, majority of the lecturers are guilty until proven innocent. Before you put up defence, selling handouts is equally a criminal acts.

This is a shame on the Nigerian university system, this is a shame to all the Vice Chancellors who look the other way while your daughters and our wives are being raped. This is a shame to us all who knew that something like this exists, but we kept quiet.

This courageous young girl that exposed this Professor should be awarded a scholarship. And, am kicking it of with N100,000 (One hundred Thousand Naira). I have put the necessary apparatus in motion to locate her.
We need to do something to encourage more girls to step out and speak up. Only them will they be encouraged to play a big role in helping us to curtail this dangerous menace that is eating on our educational system and destroying the future of our young girls.

Prof. Rev. Akindele Richard, you’re a disgrace to your family, a disgrace to your community, a disgrace to the noble profession, that I expect, to cancel your professorship after full investigation. And, a disgrace to the Nigerian education system that made it possible for such evil to thrive for such a long time.



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