REDEEMING The Time: NIGERIA Needs A Muslim/muslim Ticket For The 2019 Presidential Election

ini Akpan

Oyegun had no business with leading the APC after 9 June 2015. Saraki and Dogara, with the help of Atiku doused Oyegun with…whatever and assured him of “cutting Tinubu to size” and muzzling Pesldent Buhari into ineffectiveness and throw Nigerians against both men: Oyegun and Saraki are trying out, for the last time, what the entire PDP could not use AIT media to do – to stop President Buhari via Bola Tinubu – targeting their divine appointment. The Saraki team were sure that Buhari was politically naive: for these men, Buhari should not be President at all.

This was why they mobilized as nPDP (how many were they after all and what was their political worth as at then?) and made inroads into the APC: they were sure Muhammadu Buhari would win the 2015 elections – having trained their political nostrils to smell political victory from afar off. These men joined the APC to stop both Buhari and Tinubu from becoming President and Vice President at the appointed instance, but God never gives up on his plans for nations of the earth. They were sure APC would win because God ordered a “change” and it came to pass. I will lead us on to the truth in this essay.

I tell you Nigerians, looking at our present time, and how the devil has made it impossible by the kind of politics we are now made to experience, making it seemingly impossible for many Nigerians to accept a “Muslim/Muslim ticket” at the level of the presidential election, because of the lying campaign tagging President Buhari with an agenda to “islamize Nigeria”, and the trending “Fulani herdsmen” killing, is not helping the argument, especially with the politics in some presumed acceptance of responsibility for this menace by some members of the “Miyerti Allah” group.

The other day, an Identity card was planted of a man our security agencies still have not been able to tell us anything about. In Nigeria, we know that our International Passport made in Oluwole in Lagos beats international security agents everywhere around the world because it is ours, and you think an ID card cannot be made and planted to score a political point in Benue? I am not naive. Nigeria is my country and I know what we are capable of.

In Nigeria, ordinary Nigerians worship their pastors and lay down their lives for politicians: Bob Nesta Marley and Jimmy Cliff had both warned mankind about “following” heads of churches and politicians in “tell the children the truth” and “Bongo man has come”. My greatest disappointment is in the fact that the Christian community in Nigeria are more spiritually naive than President Buhari is politically. I was asked this morning through social media to put salt in my mouth and pray that the people behind “herdsmen killings” should die. Why should I put salt in your mouth to become the “salt of the earth”? A respectable Christian sister sent that to me. They wallow in carnality but are the first to tell you “carnal mindedness is death”. They are people clearly prepared by their “masters” to be the contents of mental slavery.

As much as it seems impossible to see Nigerians massively support a “Muslim/Muslim ticket” at this time like it was in the “Abiola/Kingibe ticket” of June 12 1993, it is a matter meant to seriously address the injustice trailing the 2nd arm of the “June 12” imbroglio, having to do with the “Muslim/Muslim ticket” in that aborted victory. It is a spirit now hanging over our polity seeking justice.

Hear me well Nigerians every where, let us follow after truth where we can find and appreciate him; we cannot deny that the entire politics of the 4th Republic was based on compensating for the sabotage of the victory of the South West at the level of the Presidency, not only this, it also scuttled the opportunity God provided us to test the will of Muslins in this country, especially those who think we should all be Muslims in Nigeria. It is not possible for me to be a Muslim: this is the truth.

I am fully persuaded by the words, works, walk and life of Jesus Christ, and he left me no instruction about Prophet Mohammed PBUH, but I live in the experience of the Holy Ghost he promised to send after him, for my comfort, and this is my present reality. If a Boko Haram child can commit suicide for what he or she believes, I will surrender to death because of believing Jesus. Not only because of believing him, but also in vacating the instruction I receive from him.

I have received the instruction to preach the “Muslim/Muslim ticket” for our 2019 presidential election, and to show how it is a divine will, in spite of what heads of churches teach, which is believed – that our Muslim brothers and sisters are enemies. If they teach division as a doctrine from God, ask them how they hope to evangelize the Muslim world. Or maybe Christ did not die for them too – its just the appalling height of mental stupidity.

I recently tied my life to the political progress of Nigeria and I have called President Buhari to dismantle all democratic structures, suspend his presidency, and rule regimentally for a brief period as our Commander in Chief, if the national assembly members try to change the sequences of elections – it is the opposite end of the tenure elongation bid of the APC NWC.

If the national assembly is allowed to override President Buhari’s veto any day and nothing happens, the next thing they would do is to attempt impeaching Mr President. The amendment to the electoral law is sort of troubleshooting to test the grounds, on the basis of the majority support of members against the personality of Mr President, for his impeachment. Everything is done to stop Buhari and to ensure Tinubu stays down politically: this is to ensure the constancy of their ripoff of the Nigerian state and people. This is the power play of the rulers of the darkness presently holding Nigeria down.

I tell you brothers and sisters, be reminded that our present politics, the politics of the 4th Republic, is framed after, and by the compensations needed to right the injustices of the June 12 1993 daylight robbery of the victory secured by the “Abiola/Kingibe ticket” in what has been adjudged the “freest, fairest…” and the most acceptable election in our country. That election gave the south west a very just presidential leap to Aso Rock and ensured Nigeria was set up to experience leadership at the apex by two Muslim men. Are we attempting to remove what the will of God was in that election he so permitted to change our political story for good. Now, if we think it was just to settle the south west for the Abiola presidency, what is wrong in satisfying the injustice done to the opportunity we have at having two Muslim men lead this country.

I love daring brothers and sister, especially when I clearly hear what no other man has heard. The Nigerian political class are clearly divided between those who understand politics and governance, and those who are only good in politics but have nothing to show in governance. While the Lagos State government is setting the pace in the politics of development that clearly promotes the continuity of a long term plan. Only one politician in Nigeria is still following his dream through and through: he is identified with the advance in Lagos State. No one drags Lagos State with Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

He is a man of value Nigeria needs in a hurry. We need the steel in Buhari and the investment intelligence of the Jagaban Borgu. It is easy to marvel at the man’s wealth. I tell you people, there are people who make money but do not know how to use it and there are people who know what to do with money when they see it. Nobody should blame Bola Tinubu for been an intelligent investor. Yes he owns Lagos and all the companies…and you have the courts in which you can question his wealth. Daar Communications, owners of AIT tried but they begged him in the end. To God be the glory.

Tell Sowore to go and sit down, governing Nigeria is not like publishing gossips. We are in need of political re-engineering and governance on the present platform will overwhelm him. There is a score of injustice to settle by our political class, and a sore fear to overcome by our Christian communities, who think they are only waking up from an “Abiola/Kingibe” nightmare: God is still saying something. He is a just God.

Now is it fair that after all that Abacha did to us politically, and made the struggle to keep “June 12” as a political spirit by the south west intensive, I particularly commend the efforts of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu during that era. We must not forget that Pa Rewane died fighting to right the injustice of the “June 12”, he was from the Niger Delta, Kudirat died standing by her husband’s mandate. Abiola himself died holding strong to his mandate. Let us not forget “Radio Kudirat” and the role that medium played to drum up international support to question the same injustice under reference. There were men and women who played great roles to ensure that the 4th Republic compensates for the June 12 political misery.

Let me remind us, beginning from the process that led to the outcome of the June 12 1993 victory: it started with the “old breed/new breed” dichotomy. That dichotomy robbed Shehu Musa Yar’Adua of his seamless match into Aso Rock and Asiwaju Bola Tinubu of his ascension to the seat of the senate president. Bola Tinubu stepped down his aspiration to allow for Abiola’s emergence as Presidential candidate of the SDP on Yar’Adua’s instruction.

It was the same Bola Tinubu that lead the campaigns to sustain the June 12 1993 struggle, toeing the footsteps of the revered and undisputed political leader of the Yorubas, Chief Obafemi Jeremiah Awolowo, going a step ahead by bringing the entire north and south west together to win a major political victory. This is not a mean feat, how many politicians in Nigeria can dream such a dream? They are all cowards on parade.

His self sacrificial nature also cost Bola Tinubu his privilege of assuming the office of the Vice President in the incumbent administration, when Muslims like Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, Atiku Abubakar, Bukola Saraki rose against a “Muslim/Muslim ticket” and tried to call our history a lie because their fear of a “Buhari/Tinubu ticket” was to prevent the disbanding of their coven of political witchcraft: the powers of darkness at play. So Bola Tinubu is unarguably the most vibrant, intelligent, confident, self sustained and self sacrificial Nigerian politician of our time, who President Buhari needs to shop for, to support the next advance he needs to make for Nigeria and Nigerians. People like Tinubu are not readily loved by those who love people who are dependent on them. Bola Tinubu leans on no Nigerian politician.

He was the second largest sponsor of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) before he held any political office: he voluntarily retired from heading the Audit department of a multinational offshore oil conglomerate. He personally sponsored a sustained campaign to keep the “June 12” spirit alive and demanding justice until we had the 4th Republic: he did this after spending only 3 months as a senator of the federal republic, earning N15,000/monthly – Tinubu has always been a very brilliant investor. Again, no Nigerian politician has contributed immensely to our political party development in Nigeria like the Asiwaju.

He is rich no doubt and that is because he is intelligent. Many Nigerian billionaires made their monies through round tripping of our foreign exchange during the Babangida and Abacha era, at this time, Tinubu was on self exile. Don’t call him a thief because he was governor of Lagos State, otherwise let the CBN publish all the waivers on our foreign exchange granted to Aliko Dangote’s companies. Many of our moneybags milked Nigerians to get to where they are today, forget their stories, they just must tell us something nice about themselves, but we know when we started gearing about them. Was not Otunba Mike Adenuga, owner of Globacom the failed Managing Director of DEVCOM Bank who disappeared into the thin air when the bank went under?.

The road forward for the APC, as it stands, is for the Oyegun committee to resign, allow Bola Tinubu to begin the reconciliation of party members and a convention planning committee set up to draw up events that should lead to the national convention of a he party on June 30 2018: we must advance what the nPDP intruders truncated. The legacy parties that made up the APC before their intrusion, had accepted President Buhari and Vice President Tinubu, two leaders to whose leadership they still submit. The Saraki calculations was for him to run for presidency on a “Saraki/Oyegun ticket”: and Oyegun was already assuming the office of the Vice President imaginary each night when he is in bed with his wife – a couple likely worst than the Jonathans. And I pray this political reengineering will position the APC appropriately in Akwa Ibom State to take power from the present lipstick painting government of Udom Emmanuel. Deliver us from all evil O! Lord, Amen.

Ini Akpan Morgan is a Guest Columnist with PUO REPORTS

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