Buhari’s Second Term Bid: The Courage of Failure By Chibiko Nwakaudu



I was aware that there were schemes by the leadership of the failed All Progressive Congress (APC) to throw up the outgoing President Muhammadu Buhari for 2019. The handwriting was everywhere.

But I didn’t know that the outgoing President Muhammadu Buhari would have the courage to present himself for re-election after his unmitigated disaster in governance, failure in statesmanship and destruction of the links of national unity.

Buhari by his declaration to seek a second term has exhibited the worst form of courage. The courage of failure.

The courage of failure is built on the blood of Nigerians, the bleeding economy, hungry stomachs, collapsed infrastructure, unbridled national looting, destruction of the rule of law, weakened education and health sectors and deliberate manipulation of the electoral process for rigging purposes.

As a proof of the ill-conceived nature of the Buhari’s endeavour, during his meeting in London with the British Prime Minister, he denied focusing on re-election. He said his focus is on the economy. I dare ask, which economy?

On a daily basis, Nigerians lose their jobs because the economy has been battered by Buhari’s native strategies . There is no single sector that is working, aside the capacity to churn out lies.

Despite the fact that he destroyed all the sectors that generate employment, Buhari told the international community that Nigerian youths are lazy. He forgot to tell them that due to his poor governance style, over 10million jobs have been lost in three years. Majority of those displaced from their jobs are youths.

In the course of his three years in Government, Buhari has destroyed the judiciary and the legislature through illegal use of resources and unconventional battles.

The plot for the rigging of the 2019 General Election has heightened with the frenzy that they opppsed the re-ordering of the sequence of elections. The fear on the part of Buhari is that if elections are re-ordered, rigging will be impossible for him.

There is nothing Presidential about Buhari. Not his carriage, conduct, performance or speech. Apart from the sycophants working for him and a few misguided members of the society, Buhari cannot win any credible election in this country.

A latest online poll conducted by the APC revealed his fall from grace to grass. He has lost control of the Presidency to his Chief of Staff and other associates.

Otherwise, where on earth would a coach work with a failed team? The security architecture of the country has failed woefully, yet the heads of security outfits are feeding fat on the country.

Everyday, at least 50 persons are killed by bandits, herdsmen, cultists and kidnappers. The President takes no action, apart from offering excuses about the role of Late Ghadaffi.

There are no roads, no electricity supply, no functional hospitals, poor environmental situation, unbearable debt burden, low budget implementation and zero governance structure after three years. But Buhari’s response is to blame Jonathan.

In 2015, Buhari and his co-travellers sought power on the altar of lies and personal satisfaction. They have been exposed for who they are -power mongers. They got power without any idea of how to deploy power for the good of Nigerians.

After three years of free food, free accommodation, free healthcare and free transportation, time has come for Buhari to retire. There is no room for a man who lacks understanding of the fundamentals of governance. Let Buhari move to Daura in 2019 and sing lullabies to his grandchildren. Governance is above his league.


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