Re- I don’t Understand Why Somebody Born in Abia Should Talk About PDP

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Dear Obinna Nwankwo, although I found it very difficult to understand your words and sentences due to your bad spellings but I was able to comprehend the trash you wrote just to impress your paymasters.

It is very disheartening that someone like you, Obinna Nwankwo will be vituperating nonsense from your mouth against the party that made your family what ever they are today all in the name of trying to please Governor Otti to make your wife a permanent secretary in the Abia State civil service.

Dear Obinna Nwankwo, nobody from PDP is stopping you from making your wife a permanent secretary nor stoping you from enjoying your newfound home (Labour Party) but while doing that do it with decorum and as someone that has a conscience, that is if you really have.

Obinna Nwankwo, have you forgotten that you were a PDP Chairman of Arochukwu LGA for 4 good years ( 2012 to 2016) after your tenure ended you re-contested and lost due to your fraudulent activities while serving as the chairman.
Dear Obinna Nwankwo, have you also forgotten that you served as Special Adviser to Governor Okezie Ikpeazu for over 6 years of which you didn’t help anyone from your village instead you used all the positions to create problems for PDP which contributed to the failure of PDP during the 2019 house of Assembly election.

Dear Obinna Nwankwo, have you forgotten that as you were serving as the LGA party chairman, you made your son a councilor in the Arochukwu legislative council.
Dear Obinna Nwankwo, have also forgotten in a hurry how your wife rose to her current position? It was under PDP also.

Obinna Nwankwo, please can you tell the world how you bought your Jeep, can you tell Abians what you do for a living.

Obinna Nwankwo, are you not the same person that served with Philip Nto when he was commissioner for finance in Abia State, under PDP?

Mr. Obinna Nwankwo, don’t you think that you will gain more respect and integrity if you quietly remain where you are rather than making mockery of yourself in the name of abusing PDP. Yes we know that you are doing all these nonsense because you want your wife to be a permanent secretary, no problem but while doing it remember that there was yesterday.

Amb. Nwaigwe John Sunday

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