Paul Emeka An Expert In Talents Destruction.



One may begin to wonder where the New Propagandist Sunday Ogirima is getting his backing to abuse and Insult the General Superintendent Of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor, but informed People like myself won’t worry about that because we know that the Man who is an expert in Talents Destruction Paul Emeka is behind all his Noise on Facebook.

Another tool Paul Emeka uses is your Past to hold you unto captivity, most of the People following him are those who committed one sin or the other when he was either The Enugu District Superintendent, Assistant General Superintendent and the General Superintendent.

Paul Emeka Presided over several Cases including Sexual, Certificate Forgery and Financial Misappropriation, hence when you want to take a bold step, he reminds you of your Past.

Sunday Ogorima is an Ex-Convict Till Date, has no Bible School Certificate and a Known Blackmailer he even revealed the atrocities of Rev Paul Emeka as Enugu District Superintendent.

Even when Ogorima was made Prison Ministries Cordinator for Enugu District, his evil and fake Life made him fail as a Minister.

For Paul Emeka to believe in you , you must come on Facebook to attack and abuse the General Superintendent Of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor, call him names or else Emeka won’t take you Serious.

Very worrisome that no Young man will say that I am what I am today because of Rev Paul Emeka, all what you hear is that I was instigated by Paul Emeka to fight the Trustees of Assemblies Of God Nigeria.

Nigerians already know the truth about the atrocities and evil life of Rev Paul Emeka, no amount of Propaganda will change that narrative.

The Church is marching on, and the gates of hell shall not Prevail against it.

Promise Uzoma Okoro.


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