Assemblies Of God Womens Celebrates Women Day Come Sunday 13th May 2018

Women Ministeries Officials
Come Sunday the 13th Day of May  2018 in the Entire General Council of Assemblies Of God Nigeria, the Women will be Celebrating its Annual Women’s Ministries Day.
The 2018 Womens Day with the THEME “Sacrificing For the Revival of His Glory” will be held in all Local Churches of the General Council of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Nationwide.
According to the National Director of the Womens Ministries Rev Mrs Stella Chidi Okoroafor,all women are encouraged to full participate in the Celebration.
National Director of Womens Ministeries Rev Mrs Stella Chidi Okoroafor
For Monday 7th May the Women shall be handling the Topic”A Cry For the Revival of his Glory” the cry of Prophet Habakkuk is will be the Focus of the call to Prayer.The essence of Mondays gathering will be to plead with the Lord to remember mercy;to revive his Work in the Midst of the Years.
For Tuesday 8th May,the Lesson shall be Centered on the Revival of his Glory by Service”as one reads the Bible,one of the experiences you cannot fail to notice is that severally there was a manifestation of the glory of Jesus.There shall also be a Panel Discussion on Overcoming the challenges Women face in their Services to the Lord.
On Wednesday 9th May 2018,the women shall be taking the Topic”Revival of his Glory by Sacrifice” The Biblical concept of sacrifice is such that one is expected to spend and spent.
For Thursday May 10th ,the Topic”the Revival of his Glory by Witnessing”a Witness in a Courtroom tells what he or she knows about a given Situation while Christians tells what we know about Jesus Christ.
On Friday 11th May “Revival of his Glory through Sacrifice of Praise” shall be the Focus. All the Women are expected to appear before God with a Heart of Gratitude
Then On Saturday 12th MAY 2018 will be for Rehearsal and Sanctuary Upkeep. All the Women are encouraged to clean their Churches,Decorate it for Sundays Celebration.
While on Sunday 13th the Main Day in all Assemblies Of God Nigeria the Theme”Sacrificing for the Revival of his Glory shall be handled inline with all activities to mark the Celebration.


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