Nollywood Booty Queen, Evia Simon Tells A Tale Of Love Gone Wrong


Voluptuous Nollywood actress, Evia Simon, widely regarded as the booty queen of Nollywood on account of her lavishly provocative gluteus maximus, has continued to up her profile as a movie producer as she has wrapped up production of her second movie titled ‘Mind’s Eye’.

Evia Simon After the success of her debut effort ‘Unbreak’ featuring her and Ruth Kadiri as men-hating women, Evia returns to tell a tale of love gone wrong in the new movie that features stellar cast of Frederick Leonard, Daniel Llord, Happy Julia Uchendu, Ayo Emmanuel and many others. Directed by Emeka Madu, ‘Mind’s Eye’ tells the story of Gina, a woman who has fallen out of love with her husband and to continue living with him she had to create the image of her crush whenever her husband comes near her.

The love between the couple was so completely dead that Gina could not stand her husband without envisioning him as her crush, ravaging her erotic fantasy. It was all well and convenient for Gina, and her husband had no inkling that when his wife looks at him she sees another man until the imaginary crush one day knocked at their door!





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