REV. Dr GODWIN AMAOWOH Is Innocent Says Chinedu Jumbo Azubike


Here is what Rev Chinedu Jumbo Azubike has to say .. .. 

The leadership of Assemblies of God Nigeria has extended the generous olive branch to me without any conditions attached.

In the same vein , as I continue my spiritual rehab and upgrade process , I will come up on social media as I’m led to undo some of the stuffs I did on certain individuals in the system !

When i was the major writer for TST , I received intels and infos on regular basis from different quarters to help weaken our “opponents”

I received a call from a well known lawyer , a member of AG based in Aba telling me that Rev. Dr.Godwin Amaowoh was caught at a certain hotel with a lady. The barrister told me that Rev.Prof. Emeaba confronted Dr. Amaowoh at AGDSN and there was serious show down between the two leaders.

I asked the informant if his Intel was authentic and reliable; he said the information was also passed down to him ! I probed him further if he was at the scene of the events. He said he was not there !

As a writer , I added some imaginary props to the story to make it suit my audience knowing full well that we had drifted to propaganda as a strategy to captivate and keep our adherents !

I hereby declare that Rev. Dr. Godwin Amaowoh , General Secretary of Assemblies of God Nigeria was not caught with a lady at any COSY HOTEL !

Cosy hotel was just to add a fictional venue to the story the barrister downloaded to me !

I take responsibility for my damaging report against the GSec AG Nigeria. Though he has forgiven me wholeheartedly , but I need to put the records straight for posterity sake !

I was shocked yesterday to see Dr. Amaowoh free , jovial and homely with me despite all that I did to him ! He is a good man !

Finally, I call on AG Nigeria ministers and members to disregard the false information ! Anybody who still goes about peddling this unfounded and fictitious story about Rev. Dr. Godwin Amaowoh should desist from it forthwith !

Once again I thank the Principal Officers of AG Nigeria for their magnanimity and fabulous forgiveness extended to me.


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