Sharon Emeka Goes Mad on Facebook, Verbally Attacks Those Who Oppose her Husband.



By Promise Uzoma Okoro

Just when Members of Assemblies Of God Nigeria are trying to get over the role of Mrs Sharon Emeka Wife of a Former General Superintendent Of Assemblies Of God Nigeria who led Thugs to Invade the National Secretariat of Assemblies in 2017,the lady has resurfaced with more thuggery Exbition.

Sharon Emeka who was the Women’s Ministries Director for 3 Years her Husband held sway as the General Superintendent Of Assemblies Of God Nigeria is infamous for her failed Musical Career.

Sharon Emeka few Days ago Verbally attacked a Pastor with Assemblies Of God Nigeria who had been advising the Husband to Surrender to the Leadership of the Church rather than the fruitless Legal Battles he is instituting against her Leadership.

This is a clear Evidence that Sharon Emeka is among those Instigating her Husband to continue in his Rebellious actions against the Church.

This indeed is Unfortunate.


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